Bangladesh: Third Atheist Blogger Hacked to Death

This morning I woke to the news via the Canadian Atheist website that only a month after the murder of Avijit Roy, yet another atheist blogger has been hacked to death in the streets of Bangladesh by Islamists. Washiqur Rahman (27), who was working as a trainee at Far East Aviation Services following his graduation from Tejgaon College, wrote on Facebook as Oyasiqur Baba and several atheist blogs under... read more

Evolution is Cool: Coral Reef Cleaning Stations

One of the YouTube Channels I subscribe to is Earth Touch, which I discovered via Amy Carparelli regularly tweeting me their videos. Back in January they published this fascinating video about coral reef cleaning stations, entitled Spa Day for the Creatures of the Sea about the bluestreak cleaner wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus): As it was a new video about cleaner fish, I brought it to the attention of... read more

Evolution, Religion, and Freedom of Speech

Yesterday (26 March) was Richard Dawkins’s 74th birthday. I’m a big fan of Dawkins – it was while watching one of his documentaries a few years ago that I realized that I was an atheist, and had been at least agnostic since I was a child. The God Delusion was my first foray into atheist literature, and everything Dawkins wrote in that book expressed thoughts I’d already had, but... read more

New Zealand Man Jailed for Blasphemy in Burma

I wrote about New Zealander Philip Blackwood here in January when he was still awaiting trial after his arrest on 10 December last year. 10 December is International Human Rights Day, and so I thought it particularly ironic that he was arrested for his particular “offence” on that day. So what did he do? He, along with a couple of colleagues, posted the image below on the Facebook page of the... read more

Natural History Art

Amy Carparelli (Twitter: @AmyAmylou1993) has done it again – tweeted me a video that’s so special I just have to share it. This one was produced by the London Natural History Museum; it showcases some of the stunningly beautiful art that was produced to enable people to study specimens before we had modern techniques. It also shows some of the wonderful images that come from more modern... read more

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