International Women’s Day: 8 March 2015

The celebration of an International Women’s Day was first proposed at an international socialist women’s conference in August 1910. It was partly inspired by a women’s day celebrated by the Socialist Party of America in New York the previous year. Initially it was about promoting suffrage for all women, and was not celebrated in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, or the USA,... read more

The Injustice of Sharia in Saudi Arabia

Most of you have probably see the video below of Maajid Nawaz trying to get some of his fellow Muslims admit that some of the punishments in Sharia are inhumane. For whatever reason, they simply won’t say that punishments like stoning to death are wrong. Sometimes, they won’t even admit that those are the sort of punishments that are handed out by a judge who rules via Sharia. Most of you also... read more

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