Calling it like it is: Islamic Terrorism

In the United States there is a growing rift between Democrats and Republicans on how to describe the terrorism in the Middle East and northern Nigeria. (As if politics in America needed any more rifts!) The Obama administration will not use the word “Islamic” in conjunction with “terrorism”. This decision is supported by the far left of his party and many in the media, but is... read more

International Call to Repeal Blasphemy Laws

I wrote about the need to repeal New Zealand’s blasphemy law back in January, ending my post with the words, “Not only should we repeal our blasphemy law, New Zealand should become part of a call of all free nations to see them repealed worldwide.” I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. New Zealand’s atheist and humanist organisations renewed their call for New... read more

Beautiful New Zealand II

This is another gorgeous film from Martin Heck of Timestorm Films, released in April 2014 called Awakening New Zealand. I’ll be showing more of his beautiful films in the weeks to come. For now, enjoy this one: Locations are: Fjordland National Park, Mt Cook National Park, Arthur’s Pass National Park, Mavora Lakes and Lake Ohau, all in the bottom half of the South Island. Share... read more

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