Putin is a Real Threat to World Peace

The conflict between Russia and the Ukraine has the potential to be a much bigger problem for world peace than even the horrific behaviour of Islamist terrorists in the Middle East and northern Nigeria. The terrorists actions aren’t sustainable long-term, not least because they’re death cults. Russia is a very different matter, and is therefore far more dangerous. I wrote about Russia’s... read more

Magnificent Universe I

I’ve retreated from writing about what’s going on around the world again into the stunning beauty that’s all around us. This time it’s a breathtaking video from NASA made up of pictures shot from its Solar Dynamics Observatory, released on 11 February 2015. From NASA: February 11, 2015 marks five years in space for NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, which provides incredibly... read more

Beautiful New Zealand IV

With all the awful things that have been happening around the world in the last few days, I feel the need to once again remind myself how lucky I am that I was born in New Zealand. Immerse yourself in this short film by Bevan Percival. It was shot in Tongariro National Park in the central North Island. The biggest mountain is Mt Ruapehu, and the pointy one is Mt Tongariro. A thirty minute drive would put... read more

The Effects of Terror

On Tuesday 10 February 2015, Sydney Police arrested two Muslim men. They had received information that they planned to carry out a random murder that day. On raiding the men’s home the police found a hunting knife, a DAESH flag and a self-made video describing their motivations the BBC reports. The men were apparently previously unknown to security agencies. The same day, an atheist, Stephen Hicks... read more

Beautiful New Zealand III

It’s time for another of filmmaker Martin Heck’s (TimeStorm Films) stunning time lapses. This one is called Solitude. It was shot over four months and was first released in mid-2014. Locations are: Tongariro National Park, Taranaki National Park (central North Island). Lake Tekapo, Canterbury high country, Lake Wakatipu and Skippers Canyon (lower half of the South Island).   Share... read more

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