With all the awful things that have been happening around the world in the last few days, I feel the need to once again remind myself how lucky I am that I was born in New Zealand.

Immerse yourself in this short film by Bevan Percival. It was shot in Tongariro National Park in the central North Island. The biggest mountain is Mt Ruapehu, and the pointy one is Mt Tongariro. A thirty minute drive would put me in Tongariro National Park, and I can see Mt Ruapehu from where I live. The lake is Lake Taupo. I’m not sure which rivers they are as there are several in the area they could be, all of which are beautiful. The well-known Whanganui River has its headwaters in Mt Ruapehu.

Once again, it was the fabulous Amy Carparelli (@AmyAmylou1993 on Twitter) who found this for me.