Homily: How Authoritarians are Made (plus Tweets)

One of the tweets I posted here recently was one of my own. It was a Big Think video entitled ‘The Chronology of Crazy in the USA‘ featuring Kurt Anderson. I often wonder about the various ways the minds of different people work. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert (I’m not), but at the moment I feel like I’m getting a bit of an insight into the reason some people are... read more

US Farmers Support Trump as He Screws Them (plus Tweets)

On 8 January Donald Trump sent out three tweets about his latest speech to his base. That day, he spoke at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Most of those in attendance support him strongly, but why? What exactly is Trump doing for his country’s farmers? As far as I can tell, he’s royally screwing them. Trump’s speech (video here) covered the... read more

Trump in Control at the White House? (plus Tweets)

The more I do these tweets posts, the more I find the USA is dominating them. When I began this website, I didn’t expect to be writing so much about the US. My plan was to focus on international politics in general, especially how that’s effected by religion and how it effects women. Of course, the US is a huge player in world events so they were always going to be a big part of things. Then... read more

Orin Hatch: An Example of Money in Politics (plus Tweets)

One of the tweets Ann German sent me today was about Senator Orrin Hatch. He’s a Republican senator from Utah who’s been in the job for over forty years. His retirement at the end of his current term means he’s getting a bit of attention at the moment. Hatch is a strong supporter of Trump, but there’s a pretty good chance that former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will run... read more

Donald Trump and ‘Fire and Fury’ (with Tweets)

Of course, the big news on Twitter is the new Michael Wolff book, Fire and Fury. There are tweets about every aspect of the book, the release of which was brought forward to 5 January when President Trump’s lawyers sent a “cease and desist” letter to the publishers. That’s publishing equivalent of “eff you,” and good on them! The response of Fox News has been... read more

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