Fox News’s ‘The Five’ Piles on Hillary (plus Tweets)

Well, the inevitable happened. My head exploded while watching Fox News‘s ‘The Five’ again today. Why? Well they, of course, used Hillary Clinton’s appearance on the Grammy’s to have a segment criticizing her. You’d think she was posting embarrassing Tweets every day or something.

For most of the segment the words “Hillary’s Hypocrisy” were in the banner across the bottom of the screen. This was at the same time as Jesse Watters, for example, was complaining about Hillary having a sexual predator (Burns Strider) on her staff for her 2008 campaign. That would be the same Jesse Watters who’s spent most of his career at Fox News working for and worshiping Bill O’Reilly.

The other thing that no one on ‘The Five’ mentioned was that Strider was her faith adviser. In fact, they didn’t even name him so people could look him up. Yes, we have yet another religious leader using his position of trust to sexually abuse people. But exposing the bad side of religion is something that doesn’t happen often on Fox News.

And no one mentioned either that the Clinton campaign actually had a process for dealing with sexual harassment issues either. This was more than nine years ago, long before the US #MeToo movement. It’s pretty clear from the stream of resignations and pay-offs at Fox News in the last couple of years that such a process was missing from their policy handbook.

Now, I think Hillary Clinton should have sacked the sexual predator in 2008, not just demoted him. (No one on ‘The Five’ gave the demotion and pay cut a mention of course.) And the way she’s handled things in recent days isn’t great either. She should have said something like, “If I had it to do over again, I would have made a different decision. I would have terminated him.”

I really think a bunch of people who voted for Donald Trump as president are in no position to criticize Hillary Clinton for hypocrisy when it comes to sexual harassment. They put a serial abuser in the White House. If Clinton were president, we wouldn’t be hearing about payouts to porn stars to cover up affairs.

(See here for an article in Vox about the Burns Strider incident.)


Political Tweets

As the tweet says, “Wow.” Good on him.
(Via Ann German.)


‘Who’ll flip on Trump?” What’s the bet more than one of them already has?
(Via Ann German.)


Very interesting.
(Via Ann German.)

Human Rights Tweets

Women in Iran are continuing their fight for freedom of choice in whether or not to wear the hijab. It’s ironic that extremist feminists in the West are celebrating women for wearing the hijab while women in countries like Iran are fighting the compulsion to wear it.


A very brave man.


(Via Ann German.)


It seems some Republicans recognize that women have rights too. Or maybe they just want to make sure their mistresses can still get abortions. I am so sick of the anti-women attitude of so many in the GOP.
(Via Ann German.)


Religion Tweets

When will they get it?


Franklin Graham announces Trump’s infidelities are okay because he wasn’t president at the time. So now we know.
(Via Ann German.)

Science Tweets

Very cool.


Very interesting.
(Via Ann German.)


These are gorgeous!
(Via Ann German.)


Cool Stuff Tweets

(Via Ann German.)


Other Animals Tweets

I think I’ve seen this before, but never mind. It’s cute.


Bird Tweets

What a special friend!


One of these things is not like the others …


Penguins and bubbles!


Dog Tweets

Cool dog!


Ha ha! Another cool dog!


The look on its face!!!


Fun at doggy day-care!


Cat Tweets

There’s a reason cat videos are the biggest thing on the internet. Scenes like this are wonderful.


I love how the tabby is using its tail!


This is lovely.




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33 Responses to “Fox News’s ‘The Five’ Piles on Hillary (plus Tweets)”

  1. j.a.m. says:

    “If Clinton were president, we wouldn’t be hearing about payouts to porn stars to cover up affairs.”

    Oh? We’ve been hearing for 25 years about Hillary’s ruthless and unscrupulous tactics to cover up Bill’s “bimbo eruptions”. If you put that sleazy duo back in the White House, it would be déjà vu all over again.

  2. Jenny Haniver says:

    The only way I can tie this link about Paul Manafort’s background and machinations to today’s post is to reference his name in the chart “Trump and his team’s ties to Russia,” but the article was just published and the info is timely; and today there was an interview with the author on NPR’s “Fresh Air”, which I highly recommend.

    And now, on top of everything else, we have to worry about “berzerk leprosy bacteria”? That kinda characterizes Trump’s malign influence on theworld.

  3. Lee Knuth says:

    Seems FOX news can never let a moment go by to trash Hillary. Guess they never heard that winners should be gracious.

    • I can’t help thinking they’re just sucking up to Trump. So many Republicans in the public arena these days seem to be playing to an audience of one. They don’t care what anyone thinks except him.

  4. Mark R. says:

    Faux Fox loves to create its faux outrage for its addled adherents. It is a simple strategy that works once a bogeyman has been established and the propaganda has taken hold. Perhaps it’s the christianity in them that drives this need for conspiratorial worldly-evils to fight. Christians I used to know reveled in their fantasies of an “end-of-days” battle…the christians against the rest of humanity plus demons and devils. They love their grand delusions and the grander they are, the more believable. Trump knows too well how easy it is to manipulate the Evangelical masses; hate and fear are powerful motivators, especially for those who feel they are righteous and have a predilection for credulous thinking.

    The salt crystals reminded me of a Borg ship…or cheese.

    Loved the German Shepherd “push-ups”. One of my late grandmothers had a German Shepherd who could open any door, as long as it wasn’t locked. He used his paws or his mouth, depending on the type of door-knob. He also knew at least a dozen tricks; the smartest dog I’ve ever known. Sadly, some asshole killed him with a poison dart. Is that sick or what?

  5. nicky says:

    Mr Trump and his supporters going on and on and on about Ms Clinton is extraordinarily unusual. It is reminiscent of a usurper going on and on about the rightful, but deposed, ruler.
    I guess Mr Trump knows that Hillary actually won, and only lost due to electoral fraud and other dirty tricks. I have no other explanation for this remarkable phenomenon.

    • j.a.m. says:

      President Trump has been hard at work reviving the American Dream, because “Americans are dreamers, too.” Hillary spent the past year on long, brooding walks in the woods. It’s really her graceless sore loser followers, if anyone, who perpetuate bitterness.

      • Linda Calhoun says:

        “President Trump has been hard at work reviving the American Dream…”

        I read this morning that only 9% of Fortune 500 companies have shared any of their tax cut with their workers.

        And, your version of the “American Dream” seems only to include white males. The rest of us should just “know our place”.

        I keep trying to figure out what you’re doing here. I have asked you point-blank, and you refuse to answer. Are you being paid to do this? Do you troll for the joy of it? Is this the only site you troll, or are there others?

        If you are trying to convince us of something, you’re not doing a very good job of it. Coming here and voicing your endless hostility just shows me who I don’t want to be. I can’t imagine getting up in the morning and thinking, “Ooooh, let’s go poke the libtards today.”

        My newborn kids await. Real joy there.



        • j.a.m. says:

          Your beef is with Nicky, who claims immediately above, yet again, that Clinton “only lost due to electoral fraud,” which you insist does not exist.

          Something tells me that if Obama sneezed and 9% of employers suddenly paid out bonuses to rank and file, you’d be spinning that rather differently. Everyone’s take-home pay is going up next paycheck, and over time everyone benefits from faster growth, higher productivity and pay, and more opportunity.

          Meanwhile, the President’s first SOTU scored a 75% approval rating, including a majority of Dems. The amputee who fled North Korea, and the young husband and wife who adopted a homeless drug addict’s baby as their fifth child (after the cop husband came upon the pregnant woman shooting up behind a 7-11) were the emotional high notes. (And needless to say Melania’s stunning white pantsuit got 100% approval.)

          • Linda Calhoun says:

            I have no beef with Nicky.

            And, I’m not “spinning” anything.

            Obama is no longer President, so that comment is completely irrelevant.

            And, I still notice that you have not said what you hope to accomplish by trolling this site.


          • Linda Calhoun says:

            And, oh, about that “tax cut”: the IRS has been instructed to redo the tax tables to reduce people’s tax refund, so that it looks like the cut is bigger than it is. Once people realize that they are getting a smaller, or no, refund, they won’t be happy, but of course that will be after the election, so who cares, right?

            And, I don’t know if you do your own taxes, but I do, both personal and for our farm and our other business. One little dance that the new tax law did was to eliminate the personal exemption, which for us amounted to over $8000.00 last year. So, doubling the individual deduction doesn’t actually amount to getting twice the deduction, which of course, they didn’t mention when they were bragging about it. It actually only amounts to getting 1/3 more, not twice more.

            And, on top of that, the law is written so that individual tax cuts will expire, whereas corporate tax cuts will not.

            Oh, and when the property tax deduction gets seriously reduced, many people in higher value/higher property tax areas will actually end up paying more. I understand that that was deliberate, in order to “punish” blue states like CA, NY, and NJ.

            Same deal for health insurance premiums, state and local tax deductions, etc.



          • All who were celebrated were worthy of the honour. I do not see how President Trump or his policies had anything whatsoever to do with their personal heroism.

            I’m quite sure the president had nothing whatsoever to do with Melania’s choice of clothing. For the first time, she didn’t even travel from the White House in the same car as her husband. As I’ve been saying since the election, the person I feel sorriest for is Melania because it’s at least four years before she can leave an unfaithful, boorish, and possibly abusive husband.

      • Is there anything she could do that you would approve of? What’s wrong with long walks in the woods? How do you know she was brooding? Did you ask her? Do you have some evidence for her emotional state? Why do you care so much what she did? Or do you, yoo, understand that if the election had been fair, she would be your president?

        • j.a.m. says:

          We know she was brooding because she wrote a whole book about it, and then went on a world tour to promote it.

          She ran for president twice and lost twice — decisively, fair and square.

          At this point we’ve all wasted much too much of our lives fretting over the Clintons. Time for them to enjoy the grandkids and try to keep their sleazy shenanigans out of the papers.

      • David Coxill says:

        Playing golf and twitting is not work ,that is all he has done for the last year .

        Are you a poe by the way ?

  6. nicky says:

    The “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Bill”, is not completely unreasonable, although I would have voted against it.
    The development from zygote to newborn is a process, and I am sympathetic to legislation that takes that into account. Like, say, ‘on demand’ until 12 weeks and only for very serious reasons (such as mother’s life in danger or severe malformation of the fetus) after 20 weeks.
    Nevertheless I would have voted against.
    First of all, as explained above, there are cases where a 20 weeks+ abortion is indicated.
    Secondly, it talks about ‘pain-capable’ which is way too simplistic, highly contentious, an probably incorrect.
    Thirdly use of the term ‘Unborn Child’ is also ‘sloppy’, to put it charitably.

  7. Linda Calhoun says:

    The people who are obsessed with “pain capability” in utero don’t give a shit about the kid after it’s born.

    To take just one example, zika babies are in constant pain, and they cry all the time. Funding for mosquito abatement has been severely cut, by the same legislators who propose nonsense like this.

    The point of anti-abortion legislation has nothing whatever to do with the fetus. It’s about controlling women.


    • nicky says:

      Yep, that appears to be the case.

    • I agree completely. They want to force all women to carry pregnancies to term, no matter the circumstances in which they got pregnant, how dangerous it is for them, and the health of the foetus. Then the woman is on her own with virtually no help or support whatsoever.

      FFS, unlike every other Western country, the US doesn’t even guarantee sick leave, maternity leave, or paid parental leave (the rest of us have all three) and even has less annual leave than everyone else.

  8. nicky says:

    Mr Trump has been hard playing golf. Maybe better.
    My point was that he appears to be obsessed with Ms Clinton, whom he ‘defeated’ more than a year ago.
    This is excessively peculiar, why would he go on and on about her? The only reason I can see for this remarkable obsession is that deep inside he knows he’s an usurper.
    Note that the electoral fraud I’m referring to is not this imaginary ‘voter fraud’ (in fact void accusations of the latter has been an instrument to carry out electoral fraud via eg. Kobach’s ‘Crosscheck’)

    • nicky says:

      oops, this was an answer to jam.

    • There’s plenty of legal ways the election is rigged in the favour of Republicans. Land is mire important than people, so getting a 3 million majority doesn’t win you the presidency. And electoral boundaries are drawn by those in power instead of an independent commission. Despite years of gerrymandering, mostly by the GOP, it’s taken one extreme case to finally get the courts to review one district. That’s because your courts are political animals too, and often rule on the basis of politics or personal belief instead of the law.

      Trump was even skiting in the SOTU about how many partisan judges he’s appointed to the courts, plus one to the Supreme Court. It’s a disgrace.

      • j.a.m. says:

        Clinton did not get a “3 million majority”, or any kind of majority. A majority of voters rejected her. She lost the overall tally by five million votes.

        Obama appointed radical, lawless ideologues to the bench. Trump, to his everlasting credit, is appointing non-partisan, non-activist judges who respect the rule of law and the limits of their own powers. Democratic self-government is far safer with Trump’s appointees than Obama’s.

        • If Clinton lost the overall tally by 5 million, Trump lost it by 8 million FFS,

          And there is a post where I analysed the votes of the Supreme Court back over multiple years, If the way the more liberal justices is so lawless, why did their conservative colleagues agree with them on a majority of occasions? The only cases people like you notice are those where they don’t agree with the result.

          And it was a Republican majority SCOTUS that made abortion legal.

          And if you think Trump’s appointees are non-partisan, you would make a very poor judge. In particular if you think Gorsuch is less partisan than Obama’s pick you’re deluded. I suppose you agree with the idiot who thinks God killed Scalia to make people vote for Trump:

          I admit that’s Obama’s fault though. He left too many vacancies.

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