Well, the inevitable happened. My head exploded while watching Fox News‘s ‘The Five’ again today. Why? Well they, of course, used Hillary Clinton’s appearance on the Grammy’s to have a segment criticizing her. You’d think she was posting embarrassing Tweets every day or something.

For most of the segment the words “Hillary’s Hypocrisy” were in the banner across the bottom of the screen. This was at the same time as Jesse Watters, for example, was complaining about Hillary having a sexual predator (Burns Strider) on her staff for her 2008 campaign. That would be the same Jesse Watters who’s spent most of his career at Fox News working for and worshiping Bill O’Reilly.

The other thing that no one on ‘The Five’ mentioned was that Strider was her faith adviser. In fact, they didn’t even name him so people could look him up. Yes, we have yet another religious leader using his position of trust to sexually abuse people. But exposing the bad side of religion is something that doesn’t happen often on Fox News.

And no one mentioned either that the Clinton campaign actually had a process for dealing with sexual harassment issues either. This was more than nine years ago, long before the US #MeToo movement. It’s pretty clear from the stream of resignations and pay-offs at Fox News in the last couple of years that such a process was missing from their policy handbook.

Now, I think Hillary Clinton should have sacked the sexual predator in 2008, not just demoted him. (No one on ‘The Five’ gave the demotion and pay cut a mention of course.) And the way she’s handled things in recent days isn’t great either. She should have said something like, “If I had it to do over again, I would have made a different decision. I would have terminated him.”

I really think a bunch of people who voted for Donald Trump as president are in no position to criticize Hillary Clinton for hypocrisy when it comes to sexual harassment. They put a serial abuser in the White House. If Clinton were president, we wouldn’t be hearing about payouts to porn stars to cover up affairs.

(See here for an article in Vox about the Burns Strider incident.)


Political Tweets

As the tweet says, “Wow.” Good on him.
(Via Ann German.)


‘Who’ll flip on Trump?” What’s the bet more than one of them already has?
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Very interesting.
(Via Ann German.)

Human Rights Tweets

Women in Iran are continuing their fight for freedom of choice in whether or not to wear the hijab. It’s ironic that extremist feminists in the West are celebrating women for wearing the hijab while women in countries like Iran are fighting the compulsion to wear it.


A very brave man.


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It seems some Republicans recognize that women have rights too. Or maybe they just want to make sure their mistresses can still get abortions. I am so sick of the anti-women attitude of so many in the GOP.
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Religion Tweets

When will they get it?


Franklin Graham announces Trump’s infidelities are okay because he wasn’t president at the time. So now we know.
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Science Tweets

Very cool.


Very interesting.
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These are gorgeous!
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Cool Stuff Tweets

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Other Animals Tweets

I think I’ve seen this before, but never mind. It’s cute.


Bird Tweets

What a special friend!


One of these things is not like the others …


Penguins and bubbles!


Dog Tweets

Cool dog!


Ha ha! Another cool dog!


The look on its face!!!


Fun at doggy day-care!


Cat Tweets

There’s a reason cat videos are the biggest thing on the internet. Scenes like this are wonderful.


I love how the tabby is using its tail!


This is lovely.




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