I’m still getting used to doing posts every day, and things are very behind. As a result Simon’s Cat hasn’t been making it onto the website as quickly as it should. In fact, I’m not quite sure how or why, but there’s also a Simon’s Cat from June that didn’t make it onto Heather’s Homilies either! I was away at the time it came out, so maybe that explains it.

That means we’ve got a couple of videos to catch up on, which is a bit of a treat. I feel like I say this every time I post one of these videos, but they are such a welcome break from the real world. Perhaps that’s what cats and other pets represent to all of us.

Simon’s Cat: Copy Cat

First up is ‘Copy Cat’, which is very cute. I love the kitten, which is based on Simon Tofield’s cat Hugh from his childhood. You may remember Hugh from the post that includes the ‘Cat Yoga’ video.


Simon’s Cat: Scratch Post

We get the kitten in this video too. I love the videos that include the kitten. He’s so cute, and the interactions between him and Simon’s Cat add a lovely element to the videos.



Simon’s Cat Interactions

There are other animals that Simon’s Cat interacts with as well as the kitten. There are several female cats. a pretty ugly dog, mice, rabbits, hedgehogs, chickens, several insects, birds, and bats.

One of my favorites is the hedgehogs. As anyone who follows this website regularly knows, I like hedgehogs, so the combination with my favourite cartoon cat is irresistible.

Here are some pics of Simon’s Cat with the hedgehogs to enjoy. I’m not going to include all the ones I’ve found though – I need to keep some for the future! I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re gorgeous.

Simon's Cat, Kitten, and a hedgehog.

Simon's Cat and three hedgehogs.

Simon's Cat bird-watching with a hedgehog.

Simon's Cat and Kitten dancing with three hedgehogs while two birds cat call.


Simon’s Cat on Twitter

Though they use their Facebook account a lot, Simon’s Cat isn’t on Twitter much except to announce new videos. However, there was this cute tweets a while back of a fan’s cat enjoying one of the videos. Or, and perhaps this is more likely, the cat was just trying to get in the way of its’ staff!



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