Simon’s Cat: Easter Extravaganza – Hop It

We have a lovely new video from Simon’s Cat for Easter in which Simon’s Cat tries to catch a bunny. He finally does nab it, but I’ll leave you to see for yourself whether he exhibits typical cat behaviour.

Simon’s Cat: Eggsactly What You Need!



Simon Paints: Easter

Regular readers will have already seen this in my last ‘Easter for Atheists‘ post. However, I’ve now taken it out of that post and put it here instead for the sake of tidiness.



And the finished product. Isn’t he cute?!




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2 Responses to “Simon’s Cat: Easter Extravaganza – Hop It”

  1. rickflick says:

    That Simon Paints: Easter probably takes an hour to produce.
    The animated bits in color must take days or weeks to produce, even with little helpers.

    Happy Easter!

    • Yeah, it’s amazing work. I think a lot of people don’t appreciate just how much work goes into animated stuff. It takes something like six years for Disney to do an animated movie I think (you probably know better than me the actual time),

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