My Picks for Top Tweets: 18 August 2017

Well, I’ve kept Top Tweets going for thirteen days now!

Sorry I’m so late getting this up today – I’ve had responsibilities in the real world to discharge. It doesn’t happen very often, but obviously they have to come first.

I’ve tried not to do too many political tweets today as a bit of a break from real life. I can’t not mention the awful events in Barcelona though, especially as I’ve just had that city in a tweets post. Aerial shots of what happened showed the city just like yesterday’s tweet, but with murder in the mix. It appears that the killers are Islamists. It reminds me, once again, of the quote from Steve Weinberg:


Steve Weinberg quote


There’s no doubt, we need lots of nice things to look at right now. However, that seems to be constant these days. You think it can’t get worse, but it does.

Cat Tweets

This goes in the Cat Tweets section because it’s typical cat behaviour!


What has this cat been up to!




Isn’t it gorgeous! All frowzy …


Other Animals Tweets

I didn’t know guinea pigs could jump! However, I’m not entirely convinced that’s a guinea pig! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


Isn’t this cool!


I don’t want to create a whole new category for people, so these kids just having fun can go in with the other animals …


Marine Tweets

Even baby crabs are cute. What is it about babies? I know there’s some evolution thing in us, though my lack of science knowledge means I don’t know anything about it. Perhaps someone can explain it to me?


Architecture Tweets

I could look at these beautiful lines for ages. This one is in England.


From the movie Kedi, we know that the Turks love their cats. Apparently, they love birds too.


I’ve got some of these pebbles – green ones – though I haven’t put them into a path yet. They’re made in New Zealand.


History Tweets

It was the Ladybird history books that got me into history as a kid too. I read every one in our school library over and over again. I’m very tempted to try and get hold of some now – I’d love to look at them again.


Who knew?


Glad to be home after their unauthorized attack on the Alt-Right …


Slut-shaming in 1952.


Scenic Tweets

There’s something about an English village.




Probably should have a separate category, but here ’tis anyway.


Some of the beauty of Italy …


And the natural beauty of Switzerland …


Yet another place I’d love to visit:


Entertainment Tweets

Cool pic …


Human Rights Tweets

It’s such a small piece of fabric, but it means such a lot.


Well said Arnie …


Political Tweets

History repeats. (Via Ann German.)


Check out this whole thread. It’s 38 tweets long, then continues at another link. It may be a whole new line of investigation for the Mueller probe. It’s possible that the winner of the 2002 Miss Universe pageant, who was and is Putin’s girlfriend, won because Trump ensured it. In 2002, Putin was still married, though he and his wife divorced a few years later.


Enough said.


I love this!


Ha ha!


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14 Responses to “My Picks for Top Tweets: 18 August 2017”

  1. Steven in Tokyo says:

    “Come and see my new babies”
    It’s wonderful to contemplate how that degree of trust (love?) could develop in that mother’s mind. It was almost too hard to believe … but incredibly comforting.
    And I know I’m not the only one who could use some comforting at the moment.

    Thank you, Heather.

  2. Robert Ladley says:

    Lovely Heather.
    When I served in the RAF (RAF Colerne) we spent many good times in that “English Village” pub, the village being Castle Coombe in Wiltshire near Bath.
    Famous or infamous for the film location for Dr Doolittle and subsequently quite a few others which effectively made the village so famous that you couldn’t get near it!
    Brought back lots of memories.
    Robert Ladley

  3. Lee Knuth says:

    You do find great tweets. CBS reported that thatched roofs are coming back with improvements of fire retardant. Those cottages are iconic.

  4. Mark R. says:

    Another great selection Heather, thanks!

    That photo of the blue bonnets reminds me of some of Stephen Barnard’s saturated landscapes.

    The dog’s expression who was stuck with the wee bed is priceless.

    Way to go Arnold! That was a powerful speech, spoken from authority. We need more ‘normal’ republicans…or maybe not.

    Re. babies being cute, have you heard of “baby schema”? Here’s the definition; it makes sense to me.

    Ethologist Konrad Lorenz proposed that baby schema (‘Kindchenschema’) is a set of infantile physical features such as the large head, round face and big eyes that is perceived as cute and motivates caretaking behavior in other individuals, with the evolutionary function of enhancing offspring survival.

    But baby crabs don’t have big heads, eyes or a round face, so there’s something else going on too. I think the innocence and helplessness of baby creatures fosters empathy and a need to protect and shelter.

    Baby snakes look just like adults, but a few days ago I saw a Robin pick up a “worm” and drop it after the worm bit at it. As I got close, I realized it was a baby garter snake about 4″ long. I thought awwww, how cute, just because it was small, even though it didn’t have any “baby” features. So why are baby snakes cute? Just my two pennies…it’s a good question, and I’ve often pondered it.

    • Yeah, that all makes sense. It’s probably a combination of factors working together. It makes sense for evolution to have favoured those who are best at looking after their offspring, whatever that takes.

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