Day 12 of top tweets.

There’s another new category today: “Other Apes”. By “Other” I mean, of course, not humans. The inaugural entry (though it’s not the first ape tweet – that was here) is a baby Hanuman Langur, which I’ve never heard of before. There are more pictures and video if you click through to the story, but I’ve put the video here too.

I continue in my disgust with the US president. I’m in two minds about doing another post about what’s going on there. The number of tweets Trump is getting from people who support his stance is frankly scary. We all know that racists and bigots still exist everywhere. Humanity itself has not yet got to a place where we’re able to leave those things behind. But, you expect better from someone who’s the leader of the biggest democracy in the world. He should be setting an example.


Cat Tweets

I’ve been having trouble finding cat tweets recently, but Jerry Coyne reminded me of Emergency Kittens! I’ve followed this account for ages – I don’t know how I forgot! Anyway, as you can see I got a bit carried away on finding the account again …

Dogs with their thinking cats on.


There is nothing cuter than a curled up kitten!!!

Kittens playing with a camera – and the result.





I think this cat’s in the habit of getting it’s own drinks!


Who said cats are only decorative?


And they help each other too!


Dog Tweets

It’s just a small kennel!


Bird Tweets

This is so cool! Not bad camouflage either … I love owls. <3

Other Animals Tweets


Other Apes Tweets

This baby Hanuman Langur was born at London Zoo on 23 July 2017.

And video of the cutie.

Political Tweets

The world needs this guy back. If he had been the Dem’s candidate last year, would he have won? Yes, I know he’s only allowed to run twice, but imagine how he would deal with the current crises. Would they even exist?


I’ve never been sure one way or the other that Trump was a white supremacist until recent days. Now I’m sure.


Via Ann German. She’s good at finding these …


This is from Ann German too. For those who didn’t hear Trump’s speech from Trump Tower, he made the “point” that the Alt-Right had a permit for their protest, while those countering them didn’t. Who did he get his talking points from? Whoever it was, the last person talking to him was clearly an Alt-Right supporter.

This video, also via Ann German, did the rounds in the run up to the election. It’s even more appropriate now.


(You can thank Ann German for this one also.) The Trump Tower press conference was a train wreck …

And Back to an Older Image of Trump for Fun

I love this picture! Can you name the movies?


History Tweets

Did she look like that every day? It’s amazing what women went through back then to look good. When I was a teen it took three hours just to get a perm, and I believe there’s a time when it was even longer.


Architechture Tweets

I never knew it was like this!




Scenic Tweets

There are nice things in the US too. It’s easy to forget sometimes.


Human Rights Tweets

You may remember I posted a tweet the other day about six women being arrested for Zumba dancing in Iran. This is the women, and the dance they were arrested for. Aren’t they great?


The bravery of these women is amazing. What they are doing is getting a lot of support in Iran. The country doesn’t want to go back to the rule of the Shah, but they don’t want to retain what they have now either. There’s potential for peaceful change, but losing power is not something fascists do easily.


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