Day 11 of Top Tweets.

I thought I could avoid it, but I can’t. Once again there are a lot of Political Tweets. Donald Trump is the president who keeps on giving. “I know some very fine white supremacists.” FFS. I don’t even know where to start. There’ll be some good cartoons about it very soon I’m sure. I’ll tweet then myself in the next day or two, then use them here.

Other than that, there’s been no rain for about six hours now at my place, but I doubt we’ll get through the day without some more. It’s getting warmer as we head into summer, but the spring rain seems relentless. During the few bouts of sunshine the photographers will be out there taking pictures of lambs and daffodils, preferably together, for the tourists, and everything is looking very green. So it’s not all bad.



Cat Tweets

Normalcy has been resumed! The Cat Tweets are back!


Dog Tweets

Is this a real dog? To tell the truth, I’m not entirely sure!


That’s a big muzzle! 😀


Very cute!


Other Animals Tweets

This is the life!



Reptile Tweets

Stunningly beautiful. I’d like a top that colour.


Flora Tweets

This beautiful bonsai made it through Hiroshima and is still going strong at 391 years of age!


Political Tweets

How does this happen to a kid this young? It doesn’t appear to be his mother – she was scared of him. His father died before he was born. We know nothing about other influences on this young man yet. His high school was aware of his attitudes but doesn’t seem to have made any effort to educate him.


I’m sorry, but this is wrong. All I can say positively is that at least they’re not attacking real people. How would many of these same people feel if atheists went around toppling statues of Jesus and Mary because of what they represent?


I’m not quite sure what category this tweet falls into, but Political Tweets will do.
Via Ann German.


Also from Ann German.


Another funny one from Ann German.

I tweeted this movie trailer today with the comment:

Every child should watch this movie. I remember watching it with my 12 yo nephew. He’s never forgotten. He’d never march at

History Tweets

Do you know this story?

Here’s the story. It made me cry. A lot.


Science Tweets

This looks good.


Scenic Tweets

Amazing. Is that Scotland? Looks like it to me, but I’m happy to be corrected.


One of the dozens of places on my bucket list.


The Taj Mahal is there too, but this is a bit depressing.


Entertainment Tweets

Now that looks more like how I remember skateboarding than the guy in the suit from yesterday.


Healthcare Tweets

This is unbelievable to me on two counts. Firstly, that the beating happened is disgusting. But then, this young man has to worry about effing medical bills! This wouldn’t even cross his mind in New Zealand or any other OECD country.



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