Day 10, and the tweets are still coming.

I see President Trump has finally got around to condemning racism and the KKK. That’s great, but why does he always have to be dragged, kicking and screaming about people being unfair to him, to the altar of decency? When you are a leader, especially one as great as he says he is, this stuff should be instinct.

Trump’s inability to prove himself as a leader is not doing his approval rating any good either. The latest Gallup poll was taken over the three days ending Sunday, so partly includes the Charlottesville incident. It has him down to his lowest approval level yet – 34%. His approval level with Republicans and Independents is at new lows: Republicans: 77%. Independents: 29%. The approval rating of Democrats is 7%, which is the same as last week. (Yes, seven. That’s not a typo.)

President Obama’s lowest ever rating was 38%, which he fell to on three occasions.


Dog Tweets

Our beautiful golden Labrador, Hiram, rescued me from a river once. They are amazing dogs, and very, very smart.

There seem to be more corgis that cats on Twitter recently!


History Tweets

I never saw Leif Garret doing it dressed like this!


I’ve always thought how difficult it must have been to learn like this …


Science Tweets

How many times have I said this in just ten days – science is cool!


Who knew?


A potentially new way to treat some conditions of the brain.


Architecture Tweets

Beautiful lines. It’s such a shame it’s in this state.


I’d love a tree house!


Human Rights Tweets

Arrested for dancing!


Political Tweets

Well, I suppose hypocrisy in politics is not exactly new, but the timing could be better. The troubling thing to me is that it’s the media that’s mostly on the receiving end of the attack. The leader in a democracy should be supporting freedom of the press more than anyone else.

Here’s the ad. Note also, that’s some of it isn’t even true, such as the military being the” strongest it’s been in decades…”


Trump says he supports police officers, but it is the inspiration of his presidency that means situations like this are more likely to occur …


And some more hypocrisy …


Via Ann German.


😀 😀 😀


He could be right. Personally, I don’t think Trump is actually stupid though. I think he’s intellectually lazy, ignorant, and out of his depth.


Fake News Tweets

Should this be in politics? Probably, but this makes it easier to find if I ever want to search for it again!


Everyone is so unfair to the poor wee victim.


I couldn’t resist it.


Religion Tweets

There are good people, if misguided, in religion, and we must acknowledge it when we find it. (Misguided because white supremacy isn’t a “sin” it’s just wrong, and acting on a belief in it is immoral.)

Healthcare Tweets; Gun Tweets

I’m going to be writing more about both the appalling healthcare system and the dreadful gun laws in the US in the future. Thus, I will include a few tweets on the topics every now and then.


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