Day 9 of daily tweets. I can feel the habit forming! It was really hard finding good tweets today. The Twittersverse is dominated by the events in Charlottesville. Thus, there are more tweets in relation to that horrible clash. I despair for humanity when things like this happen in a supposedly peaceful democracy. Sometimes you only have to scratch the surface of civilization to find something very ugly.

Personally, I don’t understand racism. I know academically where it comes from of course. But, I just I don’t get why so many people have it as part of their make up today. I’ve watched dozens of documentaries about white supremacists, Nazis, and other such groups over the years in an attempt to try and get where they’re coming from. I don’t. It makes no sense to me.

In the end, I suppose it’s like religion. Unless it’s something that came from a traumatic experience, you have to believe it from when you’re a child. If you’re not taught it when you’re young, you couldn’t make someone racist as an adult, just like it would be very hard to make them believe in a god or gods.



Insect Tweets

Constantly relegating everything that isn’t a cat to “Other Animals” is a bit unfair, so I’m making an effort to change things. These beautiful fireflies were the prompt.


Personally, I’d just squash them, but that doesn’t stop me appreciating what she’s doing.


Dog Tweets

This is one smart dog!


Bear Tweets

The infectious joy here is just what we need today!


Bird Tweets

Grebes are great!

Reptile Tweets

Not sure why anyone would do this, but here you go anyway …


Plant Tweets

New Zealand’s emblem is the silver fern. Here’s how they start life.

Political Tweets

I made mention of former Imperial Wizard of the KKK in my post on Charlottesville yesterday. Here he is confirming this is all about supporting Donald Trump and his agenda.


Just sayin’ … 😀


I suspect not a lot of WWII vets would have sympathy for this crowd.


Ha ha!

This is good news:


Lovely picture …


Entertainment Tweets

Amazing man.


The summer of love – how many of you remember it? My mother says that when ‘Yellow Submarine‘ came on I would go and get my toddler sized chair and place it right next to the radio.

History Tweets

Love it!


It’s time for this one …


Can I get a groan?

Science Tweets

Science, as always, is cool.


Simply amazing.


An impressive young woman. This is what happens when you educate all your kids, not just the boys. Girls have just as much to contribute given the chance.


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