I’ve made it to day five of the “diet”. I suppose there’ll come a time when I’m not counting the days. Still, it makes an easy way to fill in the space beside the Twitter logo. Otherwise it would get all mixed up with the first tweet and create a mess!

It’s been raining non-stop for a couple of days at my place, so there’s not much to do except look for tweets. However, it has got to the stage where it’s delaying some other things I’m trying to work on. It’s time to write about North Korea again, and there are still people trying to make the world hate Jerry Coyne. One website is up to it’s sixth anti-Coyne/Dr Death post!

Anyway, on with what we’re here for – the tweets.

Cat Tweets


Upper case and lower case – the case for genetics is made!

It’s an honorary cat!

Other Animal Tweets

Heather the Hedgehog is healthy again and ready for release back into the wilds of Hertfordshire.

How can you say no to this?


This one is for my sister Brenda – I hope she’s checking in today:

This is very funny!

“Will you walk into my parlour?” said the Spider to the Fly,
‘Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy; …

(Mary Howitt, 1799-1888)

See here for the full poem.


Isn’t this cute!

Economics Tweets

This is so stupid it burns! Why do people keep believing this stuff and voting for the GOP?

Political Tweets

This reminds me of just how much this man disgusts me. I can’t believe millions of people know this stuff and still support him.


Keith Olberman of GQ Magazine uses the words of Fox News’s Judge Judy against her – and Trump.


There’s an old Trump tweet for every occasion.


Why can they never spell? The US needs a proper debate on the topic, but how is that possible when this is who you’re up against?


The similarities are scary.

I can’t believe Jacob Zuma is still in power. He’s another leader who keeps his job just because his party keeps on supporting him.

Science Tweets

New Zealand has a science station in Antarctica named “Scott Base”. Expect some good stuff from this project in the future.

Just beautiful!

Very cool. (Not one for the creationists!)


So that’s another excuse gone for the deniers.

History Tweets

There was one before the brick – it was bigger than all these put together!

Religious Tweets

Via Ann German – I love the comment on this one …

This tweet:

And then this reply:


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