Daily Tweets: 8 August 2017

Day four and I’m hanging in there.

Of course, it does help that I found most of these yesterday! It also means today’s tweets can go in tomorrow, so day five is looking good. In fact one of yesterday’s still won’t fit, so I’m holding it over for another day.

Just to reassure those who prefer more substantive posts, they are still in the pipeline. I’m working on one now, though at the rate it’s going it might be out of date before I finish it!

Cat Tweets

Good night kitty!


Other Animal Tweets

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, though I do feel mean for laughing!


Shades of Pooh …


Like the elephants from yesterday, this one shows the altruism of animals.


And a dog’s the hero in this one …


Extreme cute-ness! I have to admit (sorry to those who disagree) that I don’t like goats very much, but kids are just irresistible.


And gorgeous-ness!



Another example of inter-species friendship:

Political Tweets

Via Ann German:

A response to the previous tweet:


Science Tweets

A VERY COOL one from Ann German:


History Tweets



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2 Responses to “Daily Tweets: 8 August 2017”

  1. Mark R. says:

    Regarding the last technological leap tweet.

    In 1993, I got a job at the Seattle School District in the telephony division. My boss was also the director of of a new department: Information Services…the name is still around! So he was the director of the School District’s employee information. in other words, he was in charge of creating the district’s (100 schools 50,000 employees) directory; this was compiled by school, and listed every teacher, counselor, administrator and help lines. This was a massive compiling of data, and sometime in the 80’s he requested and received the funding for a $10k 100mb harddrive. $100/mb…can you believe that?

    By the time I got a job with the district in the early 90’s, the pricey hardrive was sitting in his office, out of service as a type of museum piece. Even in the mid-90’s we were using desktop computers with hundreds of times more capacity at a fraction of the cost. (I’m sure everyone in their 40’s and above have similar anecdotal stories.) Anyway, this $10k harddrive was about 3′ x 4′ (the simple metric would be 1 meter by 1 meter), and it had a varnished oak case. It looked like a piece of living room furniture! Reminds me of the audio furniture in the 60’s, when the stereo was a part of the living room and the size of a couch!

    That photo will be replaced one day. The right photo will have the circuit board, the left photo will have a dot on a microscopic slide. I will criticize the photo though…the old should have been on the left, the new on the right.

  2. I must get myself on Twitter and follow “Life on Earth!” 😊

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