Day four and I’m hanging in there.

Of course, it does help that I found most of these yesterday! It also means today’s tweets can go in tomorrow, so day five is looking good. In fact one of yesterday’s still won’t fit, so I’m holding it over for another day.

Just to reassure those who prefer more substantive posts, they are still in the pipeline. I’m working on one now, though at the rate it’s going it might be out of date before I finish it!

Cat Tweets

Good night kitty!


Other Animal Tweets

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, though I do feel mean for laughing!


Shades of Pooh …


Like the elephants from yesterday, this one shows the altruism of animals.


And a dog’s the hero in this one …


Extreme cute-ness! I have to admit (sorry to those who disagree) that I don’t like goats very much, but kids are just irresistible.


And gorgeous-ness!



Another example of inter-species friendship:

Political Tweets

Via Ann German:

A response to the previous tweet:


Science Tweets

A VERY COOL one from Ann German:


History Tweets



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