Day Three and I’m still compiling these tweets.

This is a bit like going on a diet: I’m trying to create a new habit in my life.

There are a lot of good tweets today. In fact, I’ve already got ten I have to save until tomorrow because otherwise today’s offering would be too long!

Also, sorry this is so late up – I lost the internet for a while during the installation of a new modem. All is running smoothly again though.

Cat Tweets

Not bad camouflage! She can smell it, but she can’t see it!


One of those pictures that captures the moment!


I think it’s a good thing horses are vegetarians!


Anyone who’s been in a house with a kitten and a dog has seen similar scenes …


Other Animal Tweets

These cute hoglets are being brought up at SWCC after they lost their mother in a dog attack. Some of the hoglets had bad injuries, but are recovering nicely.


This is a picture of the hoglets the day of their rescue. You can see the change.




Now that’s cute! I often think the phrase “bird-brain” is a misnomer.


It doesn’t matter what penguins do, they’re lovely!


Dogs know religion after all!


This is really cool!


And I saved the best one for last in this section …

Science Tweets


History Tweets

Not sure how useful it’d be, but it sure is beautiful.

Atheist Tweets



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