Daily Tweets: 7 August 2017

Day Three and I’m still compiling these tweets.

This is a bit like going on a diet: I’m trying to create a new habit in my life.

There are a lot of good tweets today. In fact, I’ve already got ten I have to save until tomorrow because otherwise today’s offering would be too long!

Also, sorry this is so late up – I lost the internet for a while during the installation of a new modem. All is running smoothly again though.

Cat Tweets

Not bad camouflage! She can smell it, but she can’t see it!


One of those pictures that captures the moment!


I think it’s a good thing horses are vegetarians!


Anyone who’s been in a house with a kitten and a dog has seen similar scenes …


Other Animal Tweets

These cute hoglets are being brought up at SWCC after they lost their mother in a dog attack. Some of the hoglets had bad injuries, but are recovering nicely.


This is a picture of the hoglets the day of their rescue. You can see the change.




Now that’s cute! I often think the phrase “bird-brain” is a misnomer.


It doesn’t matter what penguins do, they’re lovely!


Dogs know religion after all!


This is really cool!


And I saved the best one for last in this section …

Science Tweets


History Tweets

Not sure how useful it’d be, but it sure is beautiful.

Atheist Tweets



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8 Responses to “Daily Tweets: 7 August 2017”

  1. Mark R. says:

    Keep up the tweets, it’s a fun diet! 🙂

    Nice to see the hoglets healthy.

    Re. the cat race caption…how about:

    On your mark, get set, meow.

  2. GravelInspectorAidan says:

    Ottoman armour – 18th C. Post flintlock mechanisms, so it’s for ceremonial use, not “battlefield ready”. Chain mail was of decreasing use (shortly followed by plate armour) after the invention of the “bodkin” arrowhead in around 1200CE. Still effective against edge weapons, but one properly laid arrowstorm and you’ve got a battlefield covered in moaning, dieing crow-food.
    I don’t know whether the Ottomans had fighting against bodkin-equipped peoples, but it’s not as high tech as the flintlock – or even matchlock.

    In other news, yesterday (day before?) Robert Hardy, actor and toxophilite shot off, stage right.

    • I assumed the armour was ceremonial. Interesting stuff about other armour.

      You’re going to have to tell me what a toxophilite is though. It’s 2.30am in NZ right now, and I’m not up to looking it up!

  3. Joseph Stans says:

    You are a saint for doing this – especialy when most of the human population wishes he would fallinto an abandoned open pit coal mine in the wilderness.

  4. Glenda says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post these tweets Heather. I have not followed the masses into Tweet land but do enjoy looking at the well chosen ones.

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