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Making Excuses for Islam and FGM

Across the world, around 200 million women and girls in thirty countries are the victims of female genital mutilation (FGM). Most of them become victims of the practice before they are old enough to object. A majority of the victims are Muslim but likewise, a majority of Muslims don’t practice FGM. However, within those Muslim communities that carry it out, it is seen as part of the religion. A... read more

The North Korea Problem and Why We Need China

Last Thursday United Nations Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon announced a new set of sanctions against North Korea. The 15-member UN Security Council unanimously recommended the sanctions, which the United States drafted. They are an attempt to starve the Kim regime of foreign cash to try and slow down their nuclear programme. The resolution mainly focuses on North Korean coal exports, which is their biggest... read more

Tau Kē Tēnei Wiki: Clouded Leopard Cubs

Two very cute cubs were born to Lowry Park Zoo’s (Tampa, Florida) clouded leopard couple, Malee and Yim, on 29 February. However, Malee stopped feeding her cubs after the first day so zoo staff have stepped up to the task. The cubs are a male and female and the zoo says they are “stable.” They are receiving 24 hour care in the zoo’s veterinary hospital, including four-hourly bottle... read more

Auē a Tau Kē – 2015 Update: Bangladesh, Serco, Kim Davis, Rosa Rubicondior

The Murder of Atheist Bloggers in Bangladesh On 14 May 2015 I posted Bangladesh: Another Atheist Blogger Hacked to Death. This post was mainly about the murder two days earlier of Ananta Bijoy Das, the fourth atheist blogger hacked to death in the streets of Bangladesh and the (then) third this year. The response of many in Bangladesh has been to blame atheists for their own murders. If the atheists would... read more

Worry of the Week – 1 November 2015: Bangladesh

For the fifth time this year, I’ve woken to news that another person associated with the tiny atheist community in Bangladesh has been brutally murdered via machete. In February it was author and atheist blogger Dr Avijit Roy, who was murdered in the street in a machete attack. Then on 30 March atheist blogger Washiqur Rahman (27) was murdered in another machete attack in the street outside his... read more

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