Just To Let You Know I Survived Christmas

Actually, I mostly had a good time. On 23 December I flew to Christchurch, and did all the traditional holiday stuff down there. The tree was surrounded by dozens of gifts; most were for the kids, but there were some for me too! We did a few touristy things, and it didn’t rain. My nieces and nephews had a fabulous time together, which was great. New Zealanders may recognize three of the kids from... read more

Impeach Trump

Reader and attorney Ann German has had IMPEACH PUSSY GRABBER bumper stickers (see below) printed. In you live in or near Missoula you may see this vehicle, belonging to a friend of Ann’s. He’s apparently happy to have his number plate in the picture too, but blurring the numbers is the printer’s policy, hence the grey blob on the number plate.     The printer, Northern Sun,... read more

Trying to Make the Hijab a Feminist Statement

Many of you will have read Jerry Coyne’s post at Why Evolution is True yesterday: ‘Hijab hijinks at Harvard’. It refers to an article in the Harvard Gazette, ‘Islamic studies scholar addresses myths and mores behind the veil’. That article is about a talk by academic and Muslin, Celine Ibrahim. As described by Jerry, and I have to agree, it’s another move in the... read more

Another Egregious Headline From Breitbart

I frequently notice the difference between New Zealand media and the media in the United States. There’s plenty of lying for Jesus here, but the media is largely free of it. On the whole, our media don’t deliberately lie to push a certain point of view. We’re lucky to have a media that is largely genuinely fair and balanced. We don’t have outlets like Fox News, MSNBC, Breitbart, or... read more

Gad Saad in discussion with Nick Cohen: Guest Post by Ken

Regular reader and commenter Ken posted the video below in the comments of an old post a few days ago. It’s one that engendered a lot of discussion and I felt that it needed a post of its own. I was busy writing my post on China, North Korea, and Taiwan at the time, so I asked Ken to write the post. He very kindly agreed, and the result is excellent. Gad Saad in Discussion with Nick Cohen by Ken... read more

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