Atheists Doing Good: The Superhero Smiles Initiative

When it finally dawned on me I was an atheist, the only other atheists I knew were my GP and Pain Specialist. However, it was a political situation, specifically women’s issues, that finally inspired me to join Twitter. On joining though, I quickly found a wonderful atheist community, which soon dominated my communications. Interacting with other atheists gave me the confidence to be more outspoken about... read more

World War One and the Churches of Europe

It’s 100 years since the start of the First World War. From New Zealand’s point of view, the Great War started at 2300 GMT on 4 August 2014 when Great Britain declared war on Germany. As part of the British Empire, that meant we were at war too. My grandfather volunteered and trained in rural Otago before being shipped to Egypt to fight. Later he was transferred to the Western Front and fought from the... read more

Seven (More) Things Theists Get Wrong About Atheists

It was my birthday on 10 December. I love the fact that my birthday is also International Human Rights Day. In New Zealand, it’s also the anniversary of the day smoking was banned in indoor public spaces, which makes bars, restaurants and workplaces much nicer places to be. 10 December is also the day the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) releases their Freedom of Thought report. (Full title... read more

America Hates its Best Citizens: Atheists

Most mornings, the first thing I do is read my favourite website: Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution is True, named for his book of the same name. It’s still the day before in Chicago, where Professor Jerry Coyne usually writes from. So, when I wake up a there are already a few articles ready to read. There’s always a wide range of interesting and thought-provoking, or just fun, articles on a wide range of... read more