Reza Aslan Pontificates: Atheism is an Ideology and New Atheists are Violent

Reza Aslan’s latest Salon article worries me. Not just because of the content – that’s the same as always and like Jerry Coyne at Why Evolution is True, I’m getting a bit tired of it. What worries me is that I’m starting to recognize his style. I haven’t actually read that much of his writing, but already I know not only how the arguments will proceed, but what the conclusions reached will be. I’m... read more

Chris Hemsworth: Sexiest Man Alive – Evolved!

People magazine has announced it’s sexiest man alive for 2014, and it’s Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor. There’s no doubt the bloke is gorgeous. I’m assuming this photo is retouched, but I’m sure I’d still enjoy the view in real life. Now, this double-standard I’m displaying here of objectifying this man is pretty appalling, but that’s not actually why I’m... read more

The Roman Catholic Church Loses the Plot in Kenya

Warning: There is a distressing image in this article of a newborn with tetanus. The Roman Catholic Church is responsible for the agony and death of millions of those infected with HIV/AIDS in Africa because they forbade their adherents from using condoms. As is so often the case with religion, women and children suffered disproportionately. Now they have found a new way to kill women and children, and... read more

DAESH, ISIL, ISIS, IS: What’s in a Name?

DAESH, ISIL, ISIS, IS: What’s in a Name? Surely a terrorist group, by any name, would smell as rotten? (Sorry Shakespeare, but we even have roses that don’t smell at all these days!) I came to the decision a few weeks ago to use the acronym DAESH when referring to the terrorist group that calls itself IS, or Islamic State, and this is to explain why I’m doing this. DAESH is the name used in the Arab... read more

The GOP Wins Big but Reince Preibus Fails

On Tuesday the US Republican party had several big wins in their country’s mid-term elections. As a result, they took control of the Senate and increased their majority in Congress. Thus the only branch of government in Democratic hands is the presidency. (Mostly, legislation requires approval by all three branches to become law.) In speaking about their victory though, Republicans have been making... read more

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