The United States is rightfully proud of it’s origins. There is an underlying premise in the tweets from that country that comes from the First Amendment of their constitution – that they have freedom of speech. It’s a premise that all of us who live in democracies based on Enlightenment ideals rely on.

But politics is broken in the US. It’s been getting worse for years. Those in power have no incentive to change and those without power have little ability to do anything. There are multiple issues, and it would take a book and far more knowledge than I have to discuss them all.

One of them is the failure of many politicians to do what politicians should do: compromise. Politicians are elected to represent all their constituents. Their job is to negotiate and cooperate with other representatives to run the country. Politics is the art of compromise.

But compromise is not what many of them do. Politicians who look out for their constituents, like those Republicans who regularly voted against the disastrous GOP Healthcare bills, are being vilified. There were other GOP politicians whose choice would have been to vote against those bills too, but they didn’t need to stand up, so didn’t.

Other politicians do the opposite of what they are there to do. They take a “my way or the highway” approach on every piece of legislation. As a result, virtually nothing gets done. “Compromise” has become a dirty word, a sign of weakness.

If they got together and did their jobs their collective knowledge could produce some good legislation. But it’s not going to happen in the current atmosphere.

It would help, too, if money didn’t have such a big influence on how politicians vote. But discussion of that opens up a hole new can of worms …

Political Tweets

One of my pet peeves about the US (and other) political systems is that they aren’t fair. In the US, gerrymandering is a major problem and few politicians are ethical enough to do anything about it. Both major parties do it, but there’s one that’s much worse than the other. Guess which one?


Is the majority of the GOP completely heartless or just lacking in a conscience? I thought they were all buddies of Jesus? How would this move go down with him (if he was real)?


VP Mike Pence’s political stunt was disgusting!


And this is disgusting as well as just plain scary. I thought when I wrote about the North Korea situation a couple of months ago that his UN Ambassador, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense had him under control. But he can’t control himself and he’s putting the whole world at risk.

Human Rights Tweets

Some more on the tragedy continuing to unfold with the Rohingya.
(Trigger Warning: This video is very distressing. It includes video of children who drowned.)

These a$$hole$ are at it again.


As well as the usual “You will not replace us” and other racist ignorance, apparently they have a new chant in their repertoire. “Russia is our friend.” Now where does that come from I wonder? (Sarcasm alert!)


This man and his mother are supporting White Wednesdays in Iran. The mother says she wants to continue to wear the hijab herself, but thinks women should have the choice whether or not to wear it. Good on her!


This is an old tweet, but it has an important message. It explains why it’s tough saying no.


Weather Tweets

While the US Republican party continues to deny climate change, Californians are dying in yet another wildfire.

Entertainment Tweets

I get that nervous feeling in my loins just looking at this pic! And how did he get down?


Look at those two women in the background! What are they thinking? One’s even doing the 1960s equivalent of clutching her pearls!


Art Tweets

Watch it emerge …


Science Tweets

Here we go again! Science is cool!


This is really interesting, and has the potential to revolutionize weight loss and dieting. Science as done it again! If you want to lose weight, I recommend you read the short article in the link.

Paleontology Tweets

Very cool!


Space Tweets

How black holes grow.


Know your nebulae.

Scenic Tweets

This is something I’ve always wanted to know, but never bothered to find out. My curiosity is now satisfied!


I’d love to live on a island. (Yes, I know I already do. You know what I mean.)


These are lovely. I especially love mosaics.

Other Animals Tweets

Great job guys!


This baby squirrel needs its mum!


Marine Tweets

How cool is this?!


I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again: Sea otters are so cute!


Octopus doing a great job of nabbing its meal.


Reptile Tweets

Look what this lizard does when you wave at it!



Bird Tweets

That’s one way to keep warm!


The colours of Mandarin ducks are gorgeous.



Here’s a rare and beautiful sight – an albino owlet.


Cat Tweets

Such a sweetie!



I’d love to know what these two are up to!



Maine Coons seem to be getting a lot of attention on Twitter lately. No, that’s not a complaint!



What lovely blue eyes!





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