There are so many horrible things going on in the world that I’ve decided to do another post focussing on some of the wonderful things to be found in our natural world – this time the cuteness of baby animals. If you’re not a sucker for baby animals, you won’t enjoy this, but I am, and it’s my website! 🙂

This Winner of the Week is once again thanks to the intrepid Amy Carparelli, who has a talent for finding great animal videos on YouTube. It stars Caracal kittens, a baby elephant, giraffe, hedgehog, and red panda.

The Cute News is the ideal title for this bit of gourgeousness.

Next we have a baby sloth named Edward being hand-reared at London Zoo. (Amy first directed me to this one a few months ago too.) Who can resist this?

That was back in July. Edward is still going strong, and last week this video was put out to show him apparently preparing for Halloween. Not sure if these animals really recognize the significance of the pumpkins, but it’s fun anyway.

It’s a beautiful day in my part of New Zealand. There hasn’t been a cloud in the sky for three days now, it’s warm without being too hot, and there’s a gentle breeze. Monarch butterflies are landing on the swan plants I’ve just planted, so hopefully I’ll be seeing some action there soon. I’m very lucky.