The Twitter-verse is still full of tweets about Harvey Weinstein, which is no surprise. More and more women are coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment, assault, and rape. The MO (method of operation) many of them describe is very similar, which makes them all the more believable.

While I was halfway through finding tweets for today’s post, I started playing the episode of Fox New‘s ‘The Five’. I DVR’d earlier. The first segment was one of the most disgusting displays of hypocrisy I’ve ever seen. (I haven’t watched the rest yet.)

It began with one of the co-hosts, Greg Gutfeld, delivering one of his daily diatribes, purportedly against Weinstein. Gutfeld has a different take than most commentators. What Weinstein did was not Weinstein’s fault, or even the fault of a society that accepts domineering male behaviour. No, he hasn’t discovered determinism. It’s all Hillary Clinton’s fault. And, no he wasn’t trying to be funny.

Before I go any further, let’s remember where we are. Fox News. The news organisation that was recently exposed as having an appalling culture of routine sexual harassment. From former Chairman Roger Ailes on down, the abuse of women was routine, and nothing was done about it. For YEARS. One of those who lost his job was a co-host on ‘The Five’, Eric Bolling. His seat is now kept warm by Jesse Watters. Watters was an ‘O’Reilly Factor’ regular until Bill O’Reilly’s abuse of women saw him out the door. It’s only a couple of days since I heard Watters still praising O’Reilly on air.

Oh, and by the way, several black presenters are now suing Fox News for racism in their promotion practices.

There’s so much here that’s wrong I don’t know where to start. I’ll just post the video below and you can let rip. Maybe by the time that happens I’ll have calmed down enough for a reasonable discussion!

I’ve tried writing a full post about it, but I’m too angry. Maybe I’ll do it on Sunday. Why Sunday? There’s a call for everyone to log off Twitter on Sunday in protest of their silencing of actress Rose McGowan. That’s disgusting too – read the article at the link and prepare to be appalled. It’s another situation that I’m too angry to discuss reasonably at this point.


I’m another example of Twitter’s strange idea of what’s okay. I’ve only ever complained twice about abuse on Twitter. I can’t remember what the problem was on the first occasion, but it did involve a death threat. I wasn’t the slightest bit worried because the guy was in New York, but I still thought I should say something. They told him to apologize to me! He tried, but I’d blocked him, so they unblocked my block so he could do it.

The second occasion was earlier this year. I tweeted in support of Maajid Nawaz and against Tommy Robertson. Robertson and his mates spent the next few days filling my mentions with misogynistic, sexual, and general abuse. One sent me a picture of a naked, very overweight, Arab man with a suggestion about what I could do with him. I reported this to Twitter. They said that the tweet didn’t violate their terms of service.

Anyway, here’s the Fox News clip for your, ahem, enjoyment.

Human Rights Tweets

Good men are often surprised or disbelieving at the extent to which women have to deal with this stuff. (I would appreciate it if some of you would take the time to Re-tweet this one if you’re on Twitter.)
(Via Ann German.)


Here are a couple of excellent articles on this subject, that I also found thanks to Ann German.


I needed a laugh – this had me doing just that!
(Via Archie Debunker)



Political Tweets

????Where does the Southern US find these people, and who the fu€k keeps voting for them?
(Via Ann German.)


The president of the wealthiest country in the world says they cannot afford to help millions of their own citizens. There’s no other conclusion you can come to. Donald Trump is an a$$hole.


He promised he would help. Another empty promise. Another lie. This time, the lie could kill.

Is it just me, or does this not even make sense? This is just words that do not even form coherent thoughts. Trump’s supporters do not seem to notice this. (Four tweet thread.)
(Via Ann German.)



Terrorism Tweets

We all heard about the Las Vegas shooter, though we still don’t know what his motive was. This one was caught, and he’s not making it into the media. Like the tweeter, I bet there’d be plenty of noise if he was Muslim or Mexican.
(Via Ann German.)


This bloke is a terrorist in the making if you ask me. Get off my lawn!


Weather Tweets

(Are you wondering why I put the California fires under “weather”? It’s because I consider that global warming is the cause of extreme dryness in that state, which makes it prone to these fires. See here.)


The following three tweets are from Ann German.



One of the response to the above tweet was from this a$$hole. This is the sort of thing women (including me) get all the time on Twitter.





The mail box is still standing, so you got mail!
(Via Ann German.)


And now for something completely different … a great way to stay cool in a hot country …



History Tweets

The Vikings was one of my areas of study. We know they traded extensively around the Mediterranean and with the Middle East. Some stayed there, living and working in the Ottoman Empire. Further, there’s a history of Vikings compromising on religion in relation to Christianity. Therefore it’s no surprise to me that there’s evidence of Vikings returning to their homeland with evidence of Islam.
(Via Ann German.)


Big head!



Art Tweets


Not sure why you’d want to do this – I’d rather see the countryside outside the window. They’re cool though.



Science Tweets

It’s not just Big Brother that’s the problem. Anyone could be watching at any time.
(Via Ann German.)


Space Tweets

Fascinating stuff about the study of exoplanets.


Scenic Tweets

Italy’s buildings are beautiful even when they’re abandoned.


As the tweet says, “Stunning.”



Other Animals Tweets

They’re so gorgeous!

Reptile Tweets

Very cool creature!



Bird Tweets

What a gorgeous kakapo! (Aren’t they all?)


Dog Tweets

Another one for my sister Brenda. I can just hear the noise she’ll make – it’s the same one I did!

Cat Tweets

This wonderful story was sent to me by Ann German via this tweet. You can read the full story here, about how disabled veteran Karolyn Smith designed and created (via 3D printing) a prosthetic for her kitten Sophia. Smith has now made a career out of making prosthetics for cats after falling in love with Sophia and her sibling Leonidas.


What a lovely kitty – looks like it’s full of character.


Oh man! I hope it’s not praying!




Now that’s a cat in charge!


It’s too cold out there!


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