I’m on a different computer today, with a keyboard that’s playing havoc with my already bad typing! I’ve been struck by the nightmare of the latest Windows 10 update, which so far has taken almost 21 hours on my laptop and is still going strong. Is it just me, or is hate for Windows 10 a normal condition? So there may not be too many tweets today as I’ll probably get sick of dealing with this really quickly.

Once again I’ve done my traditional liberal/free speech/trying not to be a hypocrite duty of watching some Fox News most days. They are slightly better these days. Now that the US has a Republican government they’re not quite so bitter, and there are things about their president that no decent person can support. Therefore, those who are more fair-minded will criticize Trump from time to time.

The rabid anti-Democrats can’t and won’t change though, and are still there. We’re stuck with the likes of Sean Hannity and Judge Janine unless either turns out to be a sexual harasser, which is pretty unlikely.

Anyway today, the man who on his last day on the job “accidentally” shut down President Trump’s Twitter account, was shown. They didn’t believe anything he had to say. One or two even made up a couple of accusations against him. That was all much as you would expect.

A comment was made that some have asked why Trump’s account isn’t shut down anyway, given that he often tweets things that breech Twitter’s terms and conditions. Twitter themselves have said that Trump’s tweets are “newsworthy.” Therefore he gets to keep his account open despite the breeches.

The panelists on ‘The Five’ mostly agreed with this. One or two added the comment that Trump had made so much money for Twitter that they owe it to him to allow him to continue.

But is that fair? That is exactly the attitude that we are currently fighting with the rich, famous, and powerful. For years many of them have got away with sexual harassment, abuse, and violence just because of who they are. Reasons like how much they made for the company is what kept the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein and others in a job. Trump is one who continues to get away with it. How is what he does on Twitter any different?

As with his treatment of women (and many others), Trump does not have to meet the same standards the rest of us do on Twitter. Like us, he should have to behave or be suspended. If he continues his bad behaviour, he should be banned. Not only is he allowed to be an a$$hole with his threats and abuse, there’s even the threat of nuclear war!

The consequences of a poorly judged tweet from Trump are far worse than for the rest of us. As Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said just today:

It seems they have done everything on purpose to make Kim lose control and make another desperate move.

I don’t have much time for Lavrov, but he’s right on this in my opinion.


Political Tweets

I’m surprised this isn’t getting more airtime!
(Via Ann German.)


Religion Tweets

I wish all those who think they have a right to discriminate on the basis of “religious freedom” would read this.
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New Zealand Tweets

I think it’s everyone else with the accent, but apparently others think it’s me with the problem!
(Via Jerry Coyne.)


Scenic Tweets

Another country I really want to visit – Scotland!


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Other Animals Tweets



I love red pandas!


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Latest Cute News.

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Looks like a crayfish!


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I cried.


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The shark overlord is back, but these kittens don’t seem to realize the threat they’re under!


Lovely story about a cat finding a forever home.


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Cool cat!


Some very cute kitties!


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