Just about every media outlet has done a story about President Trump’s first one hundred days. Some made an attempt to be different and did his next 265, or next 1360 instead. It came down to the same thing though.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know there’s not much about Trump or his presidency that I have a good word for so far. It also seems a bit pointless to repeat much of what professional journalists have already said.

So, I thought I’d present a collection of what US cartoonists came up with to “celebrate” Trump’s presidency.

The First Few Weeks

The way President Trump was governing the country has always been a bit different. To be fair, that’s what his supporters want. However, things didn’t always go to plan. As Trump famously told Reuters the other day, “I thought it would be easier.”



Slideshow: The First 100 Days

Here’s a slideshow of what various US cartoonists (and one French one) came up with for Trump’s first 100 Days.



Whatever section of the Trump administration you name there is a slew of cartoons, brilliant and otherwise, illustrating the event. This post is already going to be very slow loading because there are so many pics, so I’ll just do one more short slideshow. I’m unlikely to want to include any of these in a future post, so it’ll give them an outing!

Trump’s Golf Weekends

During the Obama Administration, Trump was a constant critic of what he saw as Obama’s constant golf trips when Trump thought Obama should be working. He loudly proclaimed during his campaign that he wouldn’t be playing golf when he was president – he’d be at work in the Oval Office.

However, a president is never off duty, and wherever they go, a huge part of the administration goes with them. In my opinion, being president is a difficult job and incumbents should have an outlet from the pressure to help them cope.

During Obama’s Administration I also found the constant complaints about the cost of keeping the president safe frustrating. We all know there were people whose wish was to see Obama dead (and still do), just as there are people who feel the same about Trump. That disgusts me. No matter how awful someone is, wishing them dead is just wrong.

And I don’t like the current complaints about the cost of keeping Trump safe either. Keeping the president safe from physical harm is the right thing to do, whatever you think of them of their politics.

However, I dislike the blatant hypocrisy Trump constantly displays even more. Obama had been in office three months before he had a game of golf. Trump has had 20 games in his first 100 days. It also costs a lot more to keep him and his family safe than it cost to keep Obama and his family safe. The right thing to do would be to apologize for all the times he made complaints about Obama golfing, or the cost of Obama’s safety. I won’t be holding my breath.


Message For Trump Supporters

If you’re a Trump supporter, you are probably upset by this post. You probably think it is unfair. Perhaps, though, pictures will work on your delusion that Trump is a great man in a way that his words and actions obviously didn’t. He is not a great businessman, he is not a good man, and he probably won’t Make America Great Again.

Donald Trump is a liar. He lies so much he comes to believe the alternative reality he creates. People who support him believe his lies. That is dangerous for both the US and the rest of the world.

The US is the most powerful country on the planet, and now she has a very unpredictable president. Many of you think that’s great, but it’s not. The US is supposed to be the country that the free world can rely on to lead it and keep it free. We can’t do that any more.

No one can rely on President Trump, least of all his allies. He has a penchant for dictators. The leaders whose praise he has sung include Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussein, Xi Jinping, and Rodrigo Duterte. He’s even given praise to Kim Jong-un in the last few days calling him a “smart cookie” and defending Kim’s murder of his own uncle.

There will come a time when Trump will need the support of leaders like the prime ministers of Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. He will need to be able to persuade his own people to trust him and stand behind him. The longer he carries on lying, bloviating, and whining that everything is someone else’s fault, the harder he will find it to ever get a majority on his side.

He was never a business success. He was successful at building a brand and at creating a reality TV show. The problem with reality TV is that it isn’t realistic. Succeeding there does not prepare you for actual reality.



The comedians and cartoonists are often the ones doing the best job in fighting back against Trump, and they’re important. They can bring attention to topics in a way more serious voices don’t.



Some of the best voices in fighting back against Trump’s efforts to destroy his country are Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and, following his success at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Hasan Minhaj. Ironically, they were all born outside of the US.


All power to them and all the others in the media who are telling us the truth. The truth will keep us free.


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