Apologies to start with. Firstly, some of these tweets are getting a bit dated. I began this post yesterday by finding most of the tweets, then I ran out of time to write the homily. I should always do it the other way around. However, it was a few days since I’d checked my Twitter notifications, and there were a few good ones there, and I just kept going. Also, because I didn’t get this done yesterday, it’s 5th May in New Zealand, so I’m a bit late with the “May the Fourth be With You” stuff. And thirdly, I just can’t help myself – I’m going to go on about Donald Trump again.

As always since Trump became president, there’s just too much to write about. Almost everything he says is newsworthy not because there is anything special about it, but because it’s so often either wrong or an outright lie. During the presidential election campaign, he was able to paint Hillary Clinton as dishonest and make the moniker “Crooked Hillary” stick. However, consulting fact checkers gave a very different result. Clinton was, in fact, the most honest of all the presidential candidates. Her public statements had a greater level of accuracy and truthfulness than all the Republican candidates as well as Bernie Sanders.

Trump, as I’ve pointed out so many times you’re probably bored with the me, was not only the biggest liar in the 2016 campaign, he was the biggest liar the fact checkers had ever tracked in modern politics. It’s no surprise to anyone with any sense that his lying has continued into his presidency.

Last week, the number of “false or misleading claims” made by Trump, as counted by the Washington Post fact checkers, hit the 3,000 mark. It took him just 466 days. That’s more than six per day, including the days spent playing 105 games of golf.

Most of the current lies are around his alleged sexual relationship with adult film actress Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels. So far I’ve managed to avoid talking about this. It’s not a very salubrious topic, and besides there’s plenty more to cum come on the subject yet. This could be the one that brings him down, and it would be both ironic and oddly satisfying if it did. He treats women in general badly, but some he looks down on even more than others.

Clifford is one of those he thinks less of, and treats less well, because of his opinion of her life choices. It’s that sort of person I’d like to be the one who’s fight back sees him getting his comeuppance. One of the reasons I feel that way is I’ve no doubt I’d be one of those woman he thought even less of than most. I won’t go into why, but it makes me feel an affinity with women like Clifford/Daniels. (No, I’m not, and never have been, an adult film actress, escort, club hostess, sex worker, or even a barmaid.)

Even Trump’s friends at Fox News are turning against him, like rats deserting a sinking ship. Check out this narrative by Neil Cavuto:
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Neil Cavuto isn’t the first of course, and I doubt he will be the last.

Trump has brought all this upon himself. While he makes complaints like this:


The truth is this:


The problem is so many are enabling his behaviour. To a certain extent, we can expect it from many of the politicians. On both sides, a lot of them are there not to make their country better, but either for the power or the opportunity to enrich themselves (or both).

The Evangelical Christians on the other hand tell us they’re above such earthly considerations. Their motives are pure. And still they continue to support Trump. Reversing the SCOTUS decisions on abortion and same-sex marriage, and being allowed to own AR-15s, are apparently more important to them than anything else. So important, that they spend a lot of time convincing each other that Trump was put in place by God and those opposing him do so at the behest of Satan.

Three recent examples:

3 May 2018: ‘Jesse Lee Peterson: ‘Satan Is Your Father’ If You Don’t Support Trump

4 May 2018: ‘Jim Bakker: ‘I Would Believe A Million’ People Are Trying To Kill Trump

3 May 2018: ‘Lance Wallnau Blows Back The ‘Demonic’ Cloud Of ‘Witchcraft And Curses’ That Is Attacking Trump

There are more and more conservative Christians starting to speak out against Trump. I don’t know how long it takes for people to get over a delusion. The Trump Train is fairly recent, and they can drop him without losing their primary delusion. All it takes is for a few of their major prophets to have a dream than Trump has gone over to the Dark Side, and the sheep will follow. Let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later.

I decided to re-post this cartoon from last year, just so I could post it here. (I’m in that sort of mood.)


Trigger Warning: The second and third entries in the ‘Healthcare Tweets’ section. The Facebook entry (second entry) is graphic and the third entry (a tweet) is confronting.


Political Tweets

Paul Ryan is an a$$ho£€. He’s got the tax package he’s always wanted that will destroy poor people and massively increase debt, so he’s leaving. Father Pat Conroy, the House Chaplain had the guts (Ryan would say “temerity”) to call him out on it, so Ryan tried to force him to resign. Conroy is standing up to him. As Ann German said when she sent me this tweet, “Good on him.”


Ha ha! ????
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It would not surprise me if this were true. I’ve no doubt that Russia was involved in ensuring Brexit – there are few things they’d like better than to see the EU collapse. They’d love to see the British government in as much strife as possible too.
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Remember this! (By which I mean don’t forget it. Remember the name Emerdata.)
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White House Correspondents’ Dinner Tweets

A quote from Michelle Wolf’s routine at the Correspondents’ Dinner. I loved this bit too. The truth is, Trump wouldn’t be president without the media and the way they treated him, and mistreated Hillary.
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Truth. I’ve been saying for a while that they should be using the word, “Lie,” when referring to comments from Trump and his sheep.
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Mueller Time Tweets

No comment necessary.
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Check out this tweet (we’re still in the thread): Pence is in the list of liars. Maybe he won’t take over as VP after all!



Pre-Mueller Time Tweets

Just sayin’. ???? ????
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Living the Deluded Life Tweets

Trump surrounds himself with people that he’s either completely sucked in, or who are unable or unwilling to be honest with him. It seems he simply doesn’t believe any negative information. This tendency has been clear in the way he loves foreign leaders who flatter him, but dislikes allies who disagree with him.
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And in case you’re in any doubt:


Human Rights Tweets

I think I’ve posted this or something similar in the past, but 3 May was World Press Freedom day. (That’s when this post was originally going to go up!)


At least with Sean Spicer, you could see he felt guilty about being forced to tell lies from the White House podium. Sarah Huckabee Sanders appears to have no guilt whatsoever about lying on behalf of the president to the people of her country.


Taking the high road. #WhatGoodPeopleDo
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Gun Safety Tweets

When is the US government going to do something about gun safety?
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Religion Tweets

Afaik, we don’t have a National Day of Prayer in New Zealand. But the USians do, and despite their First Amendment, it appears to be something their government commemorates.
(Via a German.)


How’s this for an outrageous situation …


Bryan Fischer is a truly revolting human being.


Healthcare Tweets

There’s some stuff in this video we need to remember re antibiotics.

A cousin’s mother-in-law shared this on Facebook:

Very sad.


I Know I’m Being a Mean Bit₵h, But Some People Are Just Stupid Tweets

Sometimes, you need to remember that statistically, half the population are of less than average intelligence.
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May the Fourth be With You Tweets

A selection from those going around the Twitterverse. Except the first one. I just posted that so I could put it here.











Art Tweets

Very cool.


History Tweets

I wonder why it didn’t catch on?



Science Tweets

Another episode from Andy Matter.


Funny Tweets

Ha ha! ????????????
(Via Ann German.)

This tweet:


Got this response, and counter-response.



Marine Tweets

One of my favourites is back! Otters are cool.


Creepy-Crawlies Tweets

I admit it – if I see a paper wasp nest, I generally kill the inhabitants. However, this is cool.


Other Animals Tweets

Ratty’s back! So cute!


Cute wee bat.


Bird Tweets

We love our birds in New Zealand.


What a lucky guy!!!
(Via Ann German.)



Dog Tweets

Dogs just wanna have fun.


What a cutie!!!!!


This dog is smart and has lots of character.



Cat Tweets

What big eyes you have!


Cat art!
(Via Ann German.)


I want it!!! Trés adorable!!!


More adorableness!


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