Once again, I can’t remember what I was going to write about for today’s tweets post. That’s because it all went out the window, or rather out of my mind, when I saw something else.

As is my usual morning habit before I get out of bed, I was reading the Why Evolution is True website. Today’s first post (at the link) includes a tweet from the British TV channel BBC Two.

Now I thought the tweet was absolutely fantastic. I note that a lot of (especially men) didn’t think it was funny. Whether it tickles your funny bone or not, it does describe exactly what it’s like to be a woman these days. Here ‘t’is:


As I said, I thought that was great. Not all women felt that way apparently. It got this response from someone called Sandra Grant:

Too bad she had to use vulgar language to make her point. Still turns a lot of people – both men and women – off.

For goodness sake! This is just the sort of thing the tweet was referring too. Women get judged if they use “vulgar” language! What they say doesn’t count if they use “vulgar” language.

Here’s the tweet, and a pretty cool response!

When I started using Twitter in 2011, I also started using a lot more “vulgar” language. Before that it was pretty rare that I swore, and I still do not blaspheme. But not long after establishing a presence online I was saying “fuck” a lot. Deliberately. The reason was all the religious extremists who told me women shouldn’t say “fuck”. Depending on the circumstances of course, telling me not to do something is a pretty good way to make me do it. That goes double if the reason I shouldn’t do it is because I’m a woman.

(As an aside, I can’t help wondering if that was Joe Biden’s tactic in his CNN interview with Chris Cuomo yesterday. Joe Biden says Trump shouldn’t speak to Mueller. Trump’s reasoning will be that a Democrat thinks he shouldn’t, so Trump will do it. And his own statements will convict him of, at least, perjury.)

People in general – not just men – respond to women in a different way than they do to men. I’m not talking about situations where that’s appropriate. Men and women are different, despite what some modern intersectionalists will try to tell you. We are a product of evolution.

However, there are cultural things where there is a different response and there shouldn’t be. It’s often completely unconscious, and even the most equality-minded feminists (men and women) are guilty of it.

When you talk about going to the doctor, most people still assume the doctor is a man. A nurse though, is assumed to be a woman. There are many professions where the assumption is that they’re men’s jobs, and that stops girls going for them, even if they want to.

There’s a thing amongst certain men that women (and people of colour in some countries) are taking control. I’ve heard that specifically from men’s rights activists in the US – a country that’s never even had a woman president and is 96th in the world when it comes to political equality in the 2017 Global Gender Gap report.

(The US is 49th overall, New Zealand is 9th. See page 8 of the report for other countries. If you can’t access the report, ask me for your country’s result in the comments, or email me.)

And we’re not helped when Doritos announce they’re introducing a corn chip especially for ladies. Not women mind you. Ladies. Now the chips themselves are not a bad idea. It’s directing the marketing at “ladies” that’s the problem.

Here are some responses:






They tried to save themselves:


But it was too late:


This further attempt at mollifying the left is laughable. Make them rainbow coloured! How can they complain about that?! We love LGBTQ people, so we must be good! FFS!


It’s quite a long time now since Hillary Clinton said this (almost 23 years), but it’s as true as ever:

“Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights.”

How about just thinking of women as people and not a separate species?

And how many men could do what House minority leader Nancy Pelosi did today in support of a group that Trump and the GOP has betrayed? This is the first tweet in a thread about her achievement:
(Via Ann German.)

77 year-old Nancy Pelosi stood in heels and spoke for more than seven hours in support of the Dreamers. No water, no toilet break. (Women are allowed to say toilet in New Zealand – maybe that’s why we’re 40 places higher than the US in the Global Gender Gap report). The House Historian has apparently confirmed that this is the longest speech on the floor of the House since at least 1909. Go to the full thread if you can and read about her achievement.



(I apologize in advance if you don’t find today’s tweets very enjoyable. There aren’t many animals because I ran out of time and I also went on a bit of an ego trip i.e. there are a lot of my own tweets.)


Political Tweets

Wow! Look who sent this tweet!
(Via Ann German.)

Some of mine.










Economics Tweets

There’s an old Trump tweet for every occasion! And btw, how can someone who’s supposedly such a brilliant businessman not know that it’s “Jones”.
(Via Ann German.)


Addendum: The Next Day

It turns out the tweet above is Fake News. Here is a tweet that includes a link to a Politifact article that rates it, “Pants on Fire.”

More of mine …




Mueller Time Tweets

I’m still at it.




Human Rights Tweets

I’m still going!


What a cool initiative!
(Via Ann German.)


#NoMore Tweets

Another abusive man in the Trump White House “resigns”. Why does everyone who abuses women have to resign except Trump? Why is he allowed to ignore allegations that he harasses, abuses, beats, and rapes women? That he has committed adultery dozens of times? He’s on video speaking dismissively about women (“grab ’em by the pussy”)! It should not be one rule for him and another for everyone else. He is not a king.
(Via Ann German.)


This is the John Kelly quote Ted Lieu is referring to:


And this is the story about Rob Porter in the Daily Mail:


This is the “Full story to come in the morning.”


Gun Safety Tweets

One more …


Media Tweets

This is a laugh!
(Via Ann German.)


This is the tweet Ana Navarro linked to:


Entertainment Tweets

SFX in 1902!
(Via Ann German.)


Perry Barlow, US Poet and Activist.
(Via Ann German.)


Science Tweets

Very cool!


Sports Tweets

Very cool! They are men of principle (despite the appalling behaviour of some of their fans).
(Via Ann German.)


Jackie Robinson didn’t stand for the National Anthem either.
(Via Ann German.)

Funny Tweets

What was that again? Brilliant!
(Via Ann German.)


I can’t think of Trump’s desire for a military parade as anything more than a joke.
(Via Ann German.)


Creepy-Crawlies Tweets

Trigger Alert: Spider

Look at those eyes!
(Via Ann German.)


Other Animals Tweets

The perils of living in Iceland …
(Via Ann German.)


Another cool elephant story!


Cat Tweets

Amazing cat!


What a cool dog!


Remember this?
(Via Ann German.)


I’ve never heard of this!
(Via Ann German.)


The Good, the Bad, and the … KITTEH!
(Via Ann German.)


It looks so woebegone!

Awwww. Goodnight!


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