As I was away for a couple of days, I didn’t even get to vote in Round Two of ‘Third Month Mania’, let alone post about it. However, bullshit never sleeps. As we vote is this year’s ‘Third Month Mania – Bracket of Bullshit’, we’re getting new bullshit every day, especially from the Trump Conference. The Everyone Else Conference isn’t exactly falling behind though. Putin winning Russia’s “free and fair” presidential election in a landslide challenges anything Trump could come up with.

I thought I’d notice the results via my notifications from The Daily Show. We don’t get The Daily Show in New Zealand, so the only bits I see are the clips they post online. However, it appears the results of Round One weren’t put in an online video, which means I didn’t see them. So, we’re straight into Round Three today.

Still, it does mean there are fewer clips to wade through!

Here are Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr introducing Round Three:


Bracket of Bullshit

Trump Conference: Division I

1. The first match-up includes the bullshit that I think will be the overall winner. That is, Trump’s claim about the size of his inauguration crowd being bigger than Obama’s. (I bet he’s had private investigators trying to find out the size of Obama’s dick too, in the hope he could shame him. Clearly Obama’s is bigger or we would have heard the results. ???? )

Of course, my vote went to the “Best Inauguration Crowd Ever” bullshit. Surely even Trump’s closest allies didn’t believe that Comey got the sack for being too tough on Hillary, though that piece of bullshit certainly deserves to have made it this far.

Third Month Mania Match 1


2. The other two loads of bullshit in the first division of the Trump Conference are also clear winners from earlier rounds. I can’t remember which of these I voted for. Both are pretty bad. I suspect it was Puerto Rico as that hurt, and is continuing to hurt, real people. (I know I should’ve written my votes down, but I didn’t.)

Third Month Mania Match 2


Everyone Else Conference: Division I

3. Paul Ryan got my vote here. The evil he perpetuates, and is continuing to plan, against those who need help the most, is beyond disgusting. He’s like a candidate for the Anti-Christ with his benign smile and baby face as he destroys lives.

Third Month Mania Match 3


4. Hannity got my vote in the first round, but he’s not worthy of any more attention in my opinion. The situation with the Parkland students is another one that’s a disgrace. I want to support what they and other high school students are doing, so they get my vote.

Third Month Mania Match 4


Trump Conference: Division II

5. The choice here was pretty easy. “Very Fine People on Both Sides” got my vote. As I said last time, I suspect even most of Trump’s supporters didn’t believe that the Republican Tax Bill was bad for Trump.

Some will remember I wrote a couple of posts about Charlottesville. I’m not sure I support statues being destroyed, although the history of how many of the statues in the US south were erected is dubious to say the least. However, if I went to protest statues being removed and found that the protest had been taken over by white supremacists, there is no way I would stay. I would expect halfway decent people to leave. You CANNOT be a good person and march with white supremacists. Therefore, there were NOT “very fine people on both sides,” whatever Trump says. That’s bullshit.

Third Month Mania Match 5


6. My vote here went to Trump’s claim that Obama tapped his phone. His claim that he would be a hero is more about his insecurities than anything else. If he wasn’t such an awful man I’d feel sorry for him.

Third Month Mania Match 6



Everyone Else Conference: Division II

7. My vote went to the revolting Bill O’Reilly. (I just wish I got $32 million for being a victim of abuse. It would almost make it worthwhile. Of course, like most people, the social climate meant I didn’t even say anything at the time.)

I didn’t vote for Wells Fargo in the first round, so I’m not going to start now. What they did is completely outrageous, and I don’t know how they got away with it for so long. And the Republicans think banking regulations in the US need loosening!

Third Month Mania Match 7


8. The Mike Pence NFL game walkout was one of the most disgraceful pieces of political theatre I’ve ever seen. And imagine what the taxpayers money spent on the trip could have been used for. (A 10% deposit on Trump going to one of his golf resorts for the weekend, for example!) So that’s where my vote went. Hopefully, no one is stupid enough to believe Tucker Carlson’s claim that the US ended slavery.

Third Month Mania Match 8


There are only three days to get your votes in. Hopefully I won’t miss the next round. Go here to put your own votes in. Just click on the pic of Trump’s inauguration crowd, and it will take you to the first match up.


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