The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse

I first came across William Tapley, aka The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-prophet of the End Times, a few years ago via Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN – AC360. He’s one of those who believes that the book of Revelation in the Bible lays out a prophecy for the destruction of the world and that we’re currently in the End Times. Armageddon is just around the corner according to him, and he sees confirmation of this everywhere he looks. On AC360 he was waxing lyrical about the evils of the Denver International Airport. The place is apparently awash with phallic symbols tempting us to evil. I challenge you to get through this video without laughing:

If you want to know more from William Tapley The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of the End Times and about Denver International Airport, don’t miss Sex and Satanism in the Denver Airport Murals.  From a fellow-traveller of Tapley’s, there’s also Illuminati Denver Airport Art Murals!

William Tapley The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of the End Times has also given us prophecies about President Obama in Amazing Bible Prophecies About President Obama. On 7 November 2008 he conceded that Obama wasn’t, in fact, the Anti-Christ, but that he was predicted in the Bible‘s book of Daniel, and that he would be the last president of the United States. He got the job because not enough Americans prayed and fasted enough before the election. (So now you know. And here was me thinking is was because more people voted for him.) Tapley says he was one of those who did not pray and fast enough and in his Obama video tells us “the Lord gave me a severe case of arthritis in my left shoulder because I did not pray and fast enough for my country.”

Obama is, apparently, the “Last King of the South” and he is going to provoke the “Last King of the North” i.e. Vladimir Putin, into World War III. (We’re running out of time!) According to Tapley, Obama gets this kingship because he is from Kenya, which is due south of Jerusalem and Putin qualifies because Moscow is due north of Jerusalem. (Actually Kenya and Moscow are both a couple of degrees east of Jerusalem, but you can’t have everything.)

William Tapley The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of the End Times goes on to tell us:

The Lord also revealed something else to me before the election, which I could not let people know until now. On this programme I will reveal how the Lord wants us to act during the years that Obama is President of the United States. The Lord showed me that the presidency of Barack Obama will be similar to the fate of the Israelites as found in Jeremiah chapter 27 where they had to accept the yoke of King Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon. Jeremiah tells the Israelites that they must accept the yoke of the king and that things were going to get worse before they get better. … However, if enough Americans pray from this day forward, we can mitigate the punishments which God will mete out to us.

King Nebuchadnezzar’s authority though, as William Tapley The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of the End Times points out, came from God himself. Therefore if Americans want to survive these years of Great Tribulation (i.e. Obama’s rule) you mustn’t criticize him and must do as he says.

In 2012 he wrote a song for the US presidential election not only urging voters to support the Romney-Ryan ticket, but stating that Obama was gay and that after the election Michelle Obama would leave him and he would “shack up” with a man:

Once again the country didn’t pray and fast enough so Obama won again. Since then he’s been prophesying that Obama will take a third term in office. He made this video 13 months ago – the leaps of logic in which the results in a series of sporting events apparently confirm his prophecy are bizarre to say the least. One example is a horse called Pharoh crossing the finish line at 6.23, and 23 represents two-thirds, which is .66 therefore it represents 666 meaning Obama will take a third term. Makes perfect sense. Serena Williams wearing one black and one white shoe while on the podium at the Olympics means the same thing. He has many examples of proof of his prophesy, just waiting to be discovered. He reveals them all, and his followers regularly let him know new ones they’ve discovered which he them shares.

After all this it seems that  William Tapley The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of the End Times has decided that Trump is his man, and he’s even written a song to celebrate the occasion of his confirmation as the Republican nominee. This is perhaps even more dreadful than his last campaign song:

No, William Tapley The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of the End Times is not a Poe – he really believes all this stuff and so do his followers. He gives the rest of us a good laugh I suppose, but we really would be better of without these beliefs being part of the discussion.

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  1. Joseph Stans says:

    William Tapley needs to get laid. That may be difficult for him because most ladies shy away from the crazies. frankly, he may just need to spend more time with porn.


  2. Diane G. says:

    Dare I ask who the First and Second Eagles are?

    • I suppose a good blogger would find out, but I’m not sure I want to know! It could be a Biblical reference though. I think St John of Patmos is represented by an eagle, though I didn’t check that before typing it either.

      • Jenny Haniver says:

        Re my response to Diane G, which was remove, I read this in your comments guidelines:
        ” Comments I find offensive will either not be approved, or removed as soon as I find them. My decision is final and I will not enter into an argument about whether or not it’s fair or reasonable.”

        Understood and accepted. However it’d be nice to have an explanation (in general or re the particulars) as to why my observations were removed. I haven’t the slightest idea what was so offensive about my remarks, which were made simply to elucidate her question.

    • Jenny Haniver says:

      Your comment, however facetiously made, piqued my curiosity, though I’d already posted a comment about Tapley. I’d fully expected to find that it referred to some eagle in the Apocalypse since a recurrent rhetorical device of that book has to do with enumerating groups of beings (such as the Four Horsemen) that are either agents of the divine or of the devil. However, attempting to follow that premise proved fruitless – I find no mention of a group of eagles in Revelations. Then I went to his website and find his explanation exceedingly curious. First off, he’s not a Protestant fundamentalist (as I’d also assumed), but a wacko Roman Catholic – the soi-disant Third Eagle in the line of two medieval preacher saints: St. Bernadino of Siena “Bernardino’s legacy was far from benign: of fanatical moralizing temperament, he preached fiery, intransigent sermons against many classes of people. His sermons were riddled with ostensible anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia. He demonized many women as “witches”, and called for homosexuals (or “sodomites” as he called them) to be either completely isolated from society or eliminated from the human community. He thus became a major exponent of what historian Robert Moore has called “the persecuting society” of late medieval Christian Europe”; and St. Vincent Ferrer who was bent on converting Jews. Given the Republican platform on homosexuality despite Trump’s declaration to protect the LGBT community (notice that Trump spoke only about protecting gays and gay rights with respect to Islamic homophobia, not Christian), and the thinly veiled anti-Semitism in much of the right wing, one could imagine Tapley tapping into this regressive vein of Christian fundamentalism, even though with regard to End Times prophecy, many Protestants still regard the Catholic Church as the Whore of Babylon and the Pope as the Antichrist or his emissary.

      • Wow! Interesting stuff. I’d assumed he was Protestant too.

        Sorry it took so long for your comment to be approved. You’re an approved commentator, but the anti-spam software puts a hold on comments from approved commenters that have more than one link in case you tricked me into approving you with a normal comment then used that status to spam the site. And, I’ve been away so haven’t been around to release held comments from purgatory.

      • Diane G. says:

        Ha, ha, fascinating, Jenny H! And I definitely began to think I was reading the GOP platform when I got to the your expounding on Saints B & V. 😀

  3. somer says:

    What a fruitcake – he makes Nostradamus look rational. Everything Democrats do adds up to 666. He performs little songs for Trump and sees genitalia in every major public building.

    So they designed an airport specially to look like a phallus from the air when it snows! Oh loopy li ?

  4. GBJames says:

    The man has been poisoned by chemtrails.

  5. Jenny Haniver says:

    Calling Doctor Freud! “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Sometimes an airport is just an airport. This is marvelously crazy. I love this kind of nutty scatological exegesis and am genuinely impressed. The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse gave a masterful demonstration of his delusive obsession. I don’t regard his obsession as something merely to be ridiculed and dismissed; one can learn a lot from such kookiness, and actually he’s the one creating these hidden “discoveries” which he then attributes to demonic agency carried out by artists and architects.

    Whether he realizes it or not, he’s the one who worships the phallus. First, the cross itself is an ancient phallic symbol, a schematic abstraction of the penis and testes. But even if it weren’t, the membrum virile is obviously the supreme fetish object in his fetish house (brain) since he spends an inordinate amount of time obsessing over penises and finds them everywhere. And why stop with art and architecture at the airport? An airplane is a preeminent phallic symbol; does he fly? Guns are phallic symbols as well, and he’s all for guns. He is demonstrably fascinated by the phallus, and the word “fascinating” is derived from the Latin “fascinum” “an amulet with the shape of a phallus worn around the neck for the purpose of warding off the evil eye” (The Latin Sexual Vocabulary by J.N. Abrams). When he wears a cross around his neck, while he expatiates about finding dicks and pricks everywhere, he’s sporting a fascinum just like the mano fico.

    • I find it fascinating too where these people find confirmation of their theories. There are three Tapley videos about Denver airport – one is even more phallo-centric. It goes on and on about the horse’s mane which is apparently made up of dozens of penises as well as giving more details about the baggage handling area.

      It’s like the religious extremists who rail against homosexuality that are so clearly loving every second of it it’s obvious they’re gay themselves whether or not they realize it. I often feel quite sorry for them that being brought up in an extreme religious environment has meant they can never have a normal adult sexual relationship with someone they love. Then they go and call for all gays to be killed and thus kill most of my sympathy.

      • Jenny Haniver says:

        I just posted a few remarks re Diane G’s comment, which, I’d written before I read your comments on what I’d posted. Given Tapley’s declared homiletic lineage, they have relevance to your comments on right wing/religious homophobia. And yeah, the politicians and preachers who vehemently attack homosexuality are invariably the ones caught toe-tapping in public toilets. Maybe they’ll find Tapley tapping his toes in one of the bathrooms at the Denver airport. I’ll definitely check out his other “research” on phallic imagery.

        Not long after I posted the above, but before you’d posted your comments on mine, I listened to an excellent interview with the investigative reporter Chip Berlet on the “Sunday Show” on KPFA my local Pacifica station, hosted by Philip Maldari, which has relevance to all these matters. In the first portion of the interview, Berlett discusses the apocalyptic strain in the Christian right and how it fits into the Trumpian and greater Republican political agendas. This sheds light on Tapley’s theology, which, however nutty, does fit into current deep-end, right-wing Christian politics. Then it turns to a discussion of the history of the use of the word “political correctness” (how it was first used by progressives, then satirized by progressives who were against doctrinaire thought, then co-opted by the right), and it goes on to discuss various related matters including some conspiracy theories. This is an excellent and wide-ranging, yet cohesive interview. Whatever one’s politics may be, there is much to be learned and to consider here. (second hour). He also touches on the revival of the Red Heifer, something else to keep one’s eye on, crazy though it may seem. Those chiliasts ain’t chillin’, they’re busy finding ways to hasten the End Times, be it breeding red heifers or helping stir up trouble in that little portion of the Near East that has been contested in the name of one deity or another from time immemorial.

  6. Mark R. says:

    It’s no surprise to me that so many of these religious doomers are old. They know their own time here is ebbing and they desperately want jebus to come and destroy the world and save their sorry asses. Dying without witnessing The End would just be a really big bummer; and in their collective hearts they fear that not witnessing The End could mean that they were wrong. NOOOOO! Their prayer is this: please, please, please Lord destroy the world so I can be right!

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