Tau Kē Tēnei Wiki: Some Funnies

You may have noticed there was no Tau Kē Tēnei Wiki yesterday. I just couldn’t think of anything positive to write about. However, it’s still Sunday in some parts of the world, so I thought I’d just put up a few funnies for you to enjoy.

best teacher

You gotta wonder just what the teacher was good at.

Don't sit on fence

Don’t worry mate, no-one was going to sit on your fence.

Life before Google

Some of us remember books and libraries, but a lot of people never managed to find those.


Just rubbing it in that it’s summer here in the southern hemisphere, though I admit it’s raining today and not very warm. 🙂

Post your shit

I’ve come across quite a few people on Twitter who I think have one of these.

Preying mantis sex

And some science, to keep it erudite: preying mantis sex.

I’ve got quite a collection of things like this, so I’ll be able to revert to it again in the future when it seems like nothing good is happening the world.

7 Responses to “Tau Kē Tēnei Wiki: Some Funnies”

  1. paxton marshall says:

    May I contribute something as Tau Kē Tēnei Wiki, Heather? Too often the good news gets buried in the hysteria. In the US, teen pregnancies have been in decline for decades. As have crime and violent crime rates. Here’s a recent article from the Washington Post on the decline of gun violence in the US.

    • Both of those are occurring here in NZ too. Teen pregnancies in particular have been a major problem here. However, because of better sex education in schools and better availability of contraception, there are a lot less unplanned pregnancies and abortions across the board, but especially with teens. It’s not something I know enough about to write of though.

  2. Night-Gaunt49 says:

    Ironic since the mass shootings have been increasing over all since they were first noted.

    There are people who would be interested in seeing the elimination of bodily wastes. Maybe one can charge for them to watch…

    Mantises have it in for the male. Supposedly biting off their head during the deposit of sperm increases the male’s activity. Fascinating creatures. The only arthropod that can turn its head like we do.

  3. Yakaru says:

    Here are a couple from yesterday’s paper in Berlin–
    (Some kind of translation problem, or Germans do indeed prefer directness over diplomacy!)
    (Someone fooling around with maintenance works.)
    (Good job here of breaking down sexist stereotyping. The child is saying “Papa, can I also wear a dress?”)

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