Valentine’s Day was yesterday in New Zealand, and I was going to post these then, but I was having a Bad Day so it didn’t get done.

I was having a Bad Day before I even remembered it was Valentine’s Day, but that made it worse of course. I’m quite sure many more people have a Bad Day on 14 February than a good one. I’m equally sure that for many Valentine’s Day is the cause of it.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a good relationship, the existence of Valentine’s Day changes nothing. For the rest of us, it’s not much fun.

The most exciting thing in my day yesterday was a text from my GP telling me my next cervical smear is due. Really? You couldn’t have waited another day to tell me? (To be fair, she’s actually an excellent doctor.)

I think they call them PAP smears in the US. Their sensibilities are too delicate for the word “cervix”.


Public Toilets, Otorohanga, New Zealand

I suppose it’s a bit like they’re too delicate for the word “toilet”. They have to say “bathroom”. They come to New Zealand for a visit and wonder why we look at them strangely when they ask for the bathroom.

Any USians reading this – now you know. That’s what the look is for. We’re not embarrassed you asked, it’s the word you used. It’s a toilet, or whare paku. Whare paku is Māori – literally shit house. No doubt there! Eminently sensible.

I always wondered what USians asked for when they were looking for an actual bathroom? Is there some sort of verbal inflection so they can tell the difference that the rest of us don’t know about?

Anyway, on to the real reason for this post. Readers of Why Evolution is True will have already seen most of these, but there really is an extra, so keep going.

Simon’s Cat: Looking for Love

The first video is a compilation of a few of the adventures of Simon’s Cat. I’ll always remember the moment when **Spoiler Alert** Simon’s Cat’s lady love ate the butterfly.



Simon’s Cat: Dinner Date

‘Dinner Date’ is new this year. This time Simon’s Cat seems to have given up on looking for love himself and is instead interfering in Simon’s preparations for the evening.



Simon’s Cat: Guide to Love

This is another new one, about the love between a cat and its staff. It’s lovely! And it’s in colour!



Perhaps my Valentine’s Day would have gone better if I had a cat. Or two.

Or perhaps I need one of these.


Crazy cat lady



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