Simon’s Cat Logic: Do Cats Really Hate Water?

As I said in yesterday’s post, but I haven’t been up to doing much so. I am trying to write a proper post about Erudite Things, but I’m not getting far at the moment. This new Simon’s Cat came out a week ago and many of you will have already seen it on Why Evolution is True. To make up for that, there are some extras following the main feature!

Simon’s Cat Logic: Do Cats Really Hate Water?


Turkish Van Cat Breed

In the main video, vet Nicky Trevorrow mentions the Turkish Van breed, which that has a water resistant coat. The Simon’s Cat Facebook page subsequently gave us this wee treat. I’m assuming the cat in the video is a Turkish van.



Simon’s Cat on World Book Day

Cats and books are two of my favourite things, and 3 March was World Book Day. So that gives me an excuse to post this pic put up by the team at Simon’s Cat to celebrate at the time.

Simon’s Cat in Bee

I’m assuming this clip is from the new Simon’s Cat film, which I can’t get in New Zealand. It is delightful, and you have to feel for poor old Simon’s Cat!



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6 Responses to “Simon’s Cat Logic: Do Cats Really Hate Water?”

  1. rickflick says:

    Yesterday I saw a clip on FB by someone in a little fishing boat. It was, you know, cell phone vertical format (which I loath. But what are you going to do?). Anyway, the guy sees a kitten swimming at some distance near a small island. The kitty does a b line toward the fishing boat. It’s swimming really fast toward the boat like it was being chased by a pit bull. The guy grabs it up and plops it down on the deck where it staggers exhausted, soaked but relieved. Then another one appears and does the exact same desperate swim to the boat. The to kittens look about a month old but were willing and able to cross the treacherous waterway to what they must have considered safety. So, there you go. Do cat’s really hate water? Not if they’re swimming for their lives.

  2. E.A. Blair says:

    I had a cat, Kveldulf by name, an impish black who loved water. When I showered, he sat in the back of the tub. When I took a bath, he perched on the edge of the tub and dabbled in the water. When the tub drained, he waited ’til the water lever was down to an inch or two, then he’d jump in and chase the floating bits of foam and other debris of my bathing as they swirled down the drain. Once the tub was dry, I dropped in a ping pong ball and he amused himself by lying in the drain end and batting the ball away; of course it always came back.

    Kveldulf died in 2012, and, since he was my late wife’s cat, losing him was like losing my last living link to her. I got lucky, however, in having adopted a really sweet cat, Isa, who, however, has no particular affinity for water.

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