Simon’s Cat Logic: Why Do Cats like Hunting?

Simon’s Cat Logic published a new video on 20 December and it’s another good one. It’s about why cats like hunting, and includes a couple of new animation sequences. There’s a lovely segment in which Simon’s Cat attempts to catch a squirrel while the squirrel mocks him.

Simon also talks about one of the cats he had as a child.

For those that don’t know, this year Simon Tofield introduced a new type of video to his stable. They include talks from veterinarian Nicky Trevorrow which explain different aspects of cat behaviour. Enjoy …

Simon’s Cat Logic: Why Do Cat’s Like Hunting?


4 Responses to “Simon’s Cat Logic: Why Do Cats like Hunting?”

  1. rickflick says:

    What? No politics?

  2. GravelInspectorAidan says:

    The … positiveness of “Simon” with his line when sketching is just plain depressing.
    Interesting that he draws on a light table.

    • Yeah, he makes it look so easy. I assume he has practiced and planned before he takes it to the light table.

      I don’t know. Is it necessary, or at least preferable, for quality reasons to use a light table for animation drawings?

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