There’s a new episode in the Simon’s Cat Logic series: ‘Is Your Cat Talking to You?’.

I like this episode very much as it actually answers questions definitively that people have about their cats.

It also answers a question that came up for me just yesterday when stroking my mother’s cat. She (Mum’s cat) got on her side, exposing her belly to me, but Mum said she doesn’t like people stroking her belly. The cat expert in this film, Nicky Trevorrow, talked about that in this video.

Apparently, cats will expose their belly to you (and other cats) when they trust you. However, with cats, this doesn’t meant that they also want you to stroke their belly. Trevorrow says that most cats actually don’t like people touching their belly.

Simon’s Cat Logic: Is Your Cat Talking to You?



Simon’s Cat Shop

SImon's Cat Merchandise

Click pic to go to the shop.

I’ve written a lot of posts now that include the Simon’s Cat videos so I think it’s time I gave something back! Therefore, I’d like to let you know about the website where you can buy products relating to this cutest of moggies and his friends.

There are all sorts of things available. The range of merchandise covers all the things one would normally expect. There are cards, notebooks, water bottles, travel pillows, calendars, weekly planners, and snack boxes. In the ceramics range there are mugs and money banks. (I suppose you can’t call them piggy banks when they don’t look like pigs!)

There’re also t-shirts, cycling shirts, soft toys (what Americans call “plushies” apparently!?), key rings, pens, cushions, fine art prints, and, wait for it, dog toys! Well, there’s a page on the site for dog toys, but there’s nothing on it yet, so I guess they’re still working on that line.

I’m going to get a magnetic shopping list. I like magnetic shopping lists. You stick them on the fridge and write on them as you remember things, or things run out. Then, of course, half the time you forget to take the list with you when you go shopping. But they’re still the best sort of shopping list.

There’s even some (pretty expensive) jewellery: a solid silver pendant and a pair of earrings. Both are £89.99 each, so they’re only for the most dedicated of fans!

So, if you’ve ever wanted this feline to feature in your everyday life, now you know where to go!


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