Simon’s Cat: Little Box

Simon Tofield, the creator of Simon’s Cat, has released a couple of new videos for Christmas.

Simon’s Cat – Guide to Winter

First, for you northern hemisphere people, there was Guide to Winter, released just over a week ago. I didn’t post it because a guide to keeping warm is not what New Zealanders need at this time of year! It’s pretty cute though, as always.


Simon Paints – Christmas

Last Wednesday the Simon’s Cat team released a short video of Simon illustrating a Christmas design. It’s called Simon Paints – Christmas.

Simon’s Cat – Little Box

The team then released a very cute new film on Friday. Simon’s Cat was doing his interpretation of Japanese cat Maru – trying to work out how to fit into a small box.


The team at Simon’s Cat releases a new video each Christmas, which are always fun. To see previous releases, click here.

7 Responses to “Simon’s Cat: Little Box”

  1. rickflick says:

    Thanks for bringing in some holiday cheer. We just got a couple of inches of snow last night making it feel like winter! I bet you people in upside down land can hardly wait. 😎

  2. GravelInspectorAidan says:

    Great as always. Watching the ‘box’ video, I wonder if Schrödinger had a cat, and if so did he take it to the vet, and if that, if he used a cat box of some sort. Schrödinger’s Cat Box would be an interesting thing for the memorabilia people.
    (And of course, even if all of the above were real things, Schrödinger’s Cat would have inhabited Schrödinger’s Hat Box whenever searched for in the Cat Box.)
    Does anyone recognise the drawing software that Simon is using? It seems to have a function for “paintbrush but don’t go over the edge of black lines”, which is something I didn’t realise I really wanted until I saw it in use. I’ve spent far too much of my life trying to fix up images from other sources to not appreciate the usefulness of this.

    • I noticed that about the software too, and I’ve never seen it before either. It would be a really useful option, but I suspect it’s really expensive. I’d be interested in knowing what it is, even though I suspect I wouldn’t be in the market for it without a lottery win.

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