It’s a gorgeous day in New Zealand. There’s not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky, and the temperature and humidity are just right. Just the sort of day that reminds me how lucky I am to be born here whatever else is wrong with my life. 🙂

This is also the sort of day where writing about all the appalling things going on in the world seems wrong.

Prompted by the ignorant comments of president Trump at his joint press conference with chancellor Merkel yesterday, I was going to write a post about NATO. However, most of what I was going to say was summed up in a Facebook post by Robert Reich. I value former secretary Reich’s opinions quite highly and he wrote most of what I wanted to say fairly succinctly.

The Guardian article is also very good on the subject, so I don’t really need to add any more at this stage.

So, onto more pleasant topics: Cats!

If you’re making the effort to read this post, you probably remember the Simon’s Cat video from Valentine’s Day. Here it is again in case you didn’t see it.

Simon’s Cat: Dinner Date – Starters



Simon’s Cat: Main Course

Part Two came out yesterday, and here it is!


Sad Cat Diary

This is from 2015, and absolutely brilliant imho (in my humble opinion). Reader Al Green reminded me of it, and I’m so glad he did because I just love it and had to share the genius. Enjoy!


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