So much for writing a post about North Korea- that can wait. Simon’s Cat is more important!

This new video – ‘Just Desserts’ – is part three in an ongoing series. I put up the first two parts when they came out, but I’ll put them all up again. That way, you get to enjoy them all together!

Simon’s Cat: Dinner Date – Starters

The first video came out for Valentine’s Day.


Simon’s Cat: Dinner Date – A Close Encounter

This one came out around a month later.


Simon’s Cat: Dinner Date – Just Desserts

This is the new one, in which we learn Simon’s Cat is a tricky little blighter!

The second subtitle ‘Furever Alone?’ looks a bit ominous. Is it a case of love me, love my cat? Will Simon have to choose between the love of a woman, and the love of his cat?

I predict a happy ending, and that in the end Simon’s girlfriend will love Simon’s Cat as much as she loves Simon. Then we’ll discover she has a cat of her own, and we’ll get a whole new series of videos about introducing the girlfriend’s cat into the household.

In the meantime, I assume we still have a least one more course of the meal to go, and then there’s whatever Simon and his girlfriend do after the meal …



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