There’s a new Simon’s Cat video in the Cat Logic series. If you haven’t come across these before, the maker of Simon’s Cat, Simon Tofield has been making a series of videos with veterinarian Nicky Trevorrow about cat care. This one is about feeding.

There’s a reference in the video to meals on tables and a cartoon by Simon of a cooked chicken on the table and Simon’s Cat trying to get the chicken. It reminded me of something that happened when I was about six years old. Mum left a whole roast chicken on the bench to cool enough to make sandwiches for a picnic. She and I went back into the kitchen to find one of our cats on the bench having eaten almost the whole chicken, and still munching away. Mum was pretty angry and went to chase her away, but she was so (noticeably) fat from all the chicken that she could barely move! I don’t remember what happened next, but Mum and that cat never got on too well. :-/