Simon’s Cat: Cat Grooming

I’ve got another post in the works that’ll be out today or tomorrow. It’s quite hard to write while I’m concurrently being bombarded with the propaganda from the Republican convention. The TV’s on pause at the moment, and when I start it again it’ll be to suffer through Donald Trump’s acceptance speech. His daughter Ivanka has just introduced him and I have to admit she was really impressive. If I was just judging the man by his children I’d consider voting for him. Unfortunately for him and us, he’s required to speak for himself, though at least that way it means we get to see what a dreadful president he would be.

Anyway, I needed a wee hiatus of pleasantness and this is it – the perpetually enjoyable Simon’s Cat. This is another of the videos from the Cat Logic series done in cooperation with cat behaviour specialist Nicky Trevorrow from British organisation Cats Protection. So here we go – introducing: How Do Cats Stay So Clean?

You can see other videos in the series at a previous post: Simon’s Cat: Cat Naps

3 Responses to “Simon’s Cat: Cat Grooming”

  1. HaggisForBrains says:

    I love Simon’s Cat. I find I’m already smiling when I hear the theme music.

  2. Ken says:

    Cat owner all my life and never noticed the head to tail routine!

  3. rickflick says:


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