April Fool’s Day was yesterday in New Zealand, but the rest of the world is only just catching up hence the delay. This video wasn’t available yesterday!

So here’s Simon fooling his cat with a red laser pointer:

Simon’s Cat: April Fool’s Day



Simon’s Cat Logic: ‘Why Do Cat’s Have Crazy Time?’

This is another in the Simon’s Cat Logic series that I don’t think I’ve seen before. It’s from way back in January 2016 and there was a lot going on then especially around the US primaries, so that may explain why I missed it.

In this episode, Veterinarian and cat expert Nicky Trevorrow gave some great tips on how to simulate hunting in cat play. I found this one most enjoyable, and I hope you do too.



Simon’s Cat: ‘Washed Up’

This is an old one that I especially like so I thought I’d include it as well. It came out in September 2014 and I think it’s a classic. I think most of the Simon’s Cat videos are classics though, so perhaps someone less partisan would be a better judge. 🙂 For your enjoyment, here’s Simon’s Cat in ‘Washed Up’:




Yes, I know there has been a lot more fluff than substance lately on Heather’s Homilies. My body hasn’t been cooperating in doing the more difficult stuff. I promise I will get back to more proper posts as soon as I can.



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