I was about to go back to work on a Proper Post. Then I remembered I wanted to change my Pinned Tweet (see below in Cat Tweets). On opening Twitter I found some pretty cool tweets and decided I’d like to share them with you.

We’ve been discussing Trump’s attitude to Russia and Putin a lot in the comment threads in the last few days. The reason is obvious of course – Trump is becoming a bigger Putin man than ever.

It seems that the closer the Mueller investigation comes to a conclusion, and the more likely it looks that Trump is guilty of something, the more he sucks up to Putin. His latest pronouncement that he wants Russia back in the G7 is one of the most outrageous yet.

At least I thought it was until I saw the video in this tweet. It is un-effing-believable. Donald-fu€king-Trump is saying that it’s Obama’s fault that Russia took over Crimea! WTF!

I’m not even going to bother discussing how stupid this suggestion is. It’s on a par with his comment that Andrew Jackson could’ve stopped the Civil War.

Russia, of course, was kicked out of the G7 for annexing Crimea. He was only made a member of that group in the first place as a face-saving exercise. He broke multiple agreements and treaties, and his invasion of Crimea was the last straw. Russia is an international pariah because they invaded and took over a sovereign nation just because they wanted to. It’s not the first time they’ve done that either. Check out their activities in Georgia and Transnistria.

By saying the G7 should allow Russia back in, Trump is saying they should just forget about all the international laws, rules, and norms that Putin breaks on Russia’s behalf.

So why is Trump doing this? What benefit is there for the US? Well, none. What benefit is there for Trump personally? Now, that’s the question.

(Tweet via Ann German.)

We don’t know for sure of course, but people who are expert in such matters including James Clapper (former Lt. Gen. and director of both National Intelligence Agency and Defence Intelligence Agency), James Comey (former director FBI), Ralph Peters (former Lt. Gen. with expertise on Russia) and others, all think that Trump’s behaviour points to Russia having embarrassing or compromising information on him, aka kompromat.

I agree. There is no other explanation for Trump’s behaviour. Russia is an enemy of the US. They wanted Trump as president because it was obvious he would increase civil disruption within the country, damage relations with other countries, make democracy appear dangerous, and increase jingoism.

Trump has done just that. He pulled the US out of TPP, creating an opening for China. (He’s now realizing his mistake there are trying to get back in, but it’s too late.) He’s made a mess of renegotiating NAFTA and wrecked relations with Canada and Mexico. He pulled the US out of the Paris Accord, despite it making no requirements of the US. His lies and criticisms of NATO are music to Putin’s ears. Then there was pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement which, among other things led to an increase in oil prices. Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem last month fanned the flames in the Middle East, and fanned the religious fervour of his Evangelical Christian base.

Despite all this, I heard Sarah Sanders telling Chris Cuomo on CNN the other day that Trump has made the US more respected around the world. He demonstrably hasn’t. In fact, that’s one of the things I’m writing a Proper Post about. In the meantime, check out this Facebook photo from Robert Reich (Economist; served presidents Ford, Carter, and Clinton):


As Reich says, they speak volumes.

(Tweet via Ann German.)


This is actually quite funny coming from someone so tall …

Political Tweets

Sean Hannity a hypocrite? Surely not!


Economics Tweets

Told ya so Trump!
(Via Ann German.)


Healthcare Tweets

Not a tweet, but a message for USian readers from Robert Reich via Facebook.


Scenic Tweets

One of the good things about the Kilauea eruptions is the plethora of beautiful images it’s producing. (I apologize if that’s upsetting to anyone reading this. I do understand people are suffering and lives are being ruined.)


Science Tweets

Very cool!


Fun Tweets


WTF is Wrong With These People Tweets

Another one from Facebook I couldn’t resist. These people are in VENICE on a GONDOLA and look what the fu€k₩it$ are doing!


This one’s a bit more serious …


Other Animals Tweets



How cute is this? Fawn friends.


I added the next three about 2½ hours after first publishing this post. I couldn’t resist!




Bird Tweets

The late Blake the Kakapo, who did his best to keep his species alive before his death.


Dog Tweets

I suppose I can have ONE dog tweet …

Cat Tweets

My new pinned tweet:


Yes, I know there are two dogs and only one cat, but the cat is on top!


Your stuff is in my way.


It’s so young it can barely walk! So gorgeous!


An oldie but a goodie …


Gorgeous animals.


Kids and consequences. Now you’ve got to get back down.


Facebook again, one last time, brought to you by Diana McPherson …



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