I’ve finally done a “proper” post for the first time in a while: ‘Is Islam a Feminist Religion‘ So, there’s not much time left today for tweets. It was after 3.30 pm before the post was done, and by then I was badly in need of some lunch! I hadn’t had any brekkie either, so I had to eat before I even looked at doing this.

I did collect a few tweets yesterday knowing I wouldn’t have much time today, so hopefully the difference won’t be too noticeable. I’ll do my best! 🙂

However, none of the tweets I found on Friday for today were animal tweets, so we may be a bit light in that area. I put the extra cat up top to try and make up for that a bit. Besides, that’s how I feel at the moment! The All Blacks are playing tonight, but it’s quite likely I’ll fall asleep in front of the TV!


Cat Tweets

Myself, I think the guinea pig looks a bit worried, but how does one judge the feelings of a guinea pig? As for the cat, like all cats it just wants a soft pillow.


This is an oldie but a goodie …


This will keep the kitteh busy if you don’t have time to play with it yourself!


So tiny! And look at that wee tongue!


Oh my! The cute-meter just went through the roof!

Dog Tweets

You are not gonna believe how stupid about 1 in 325 people in the US are …


That’s one Very Smart Dog! I’ve see this before, and it goes on for a bit longer. The dog gets out at the end!


Other Apes Tweets

The look on the face of that monkey! Do not cross him or her if you don’t like the smell of faeces in your hair!

Bird Tweets

A lovely tale about a swan!


Insect Tweets

It must be amazing to see the way an insect does.

Religion Tweets

For goodness sake! It’s the devil causing yet another natural disaster!

Scenic Tweets

There are so many stunning mosques around the world. I could probably feature another one every week for the rest of my life.


Scotland, the home of most of my ancestors. (What else would you expect with a name like Heather?)


Canada’s back and looking very cool!


Architecture Tweets

I want my bedroom to look a bit like this.




History Tweets

The first electric cars.

Flora Tweets

Look at the size of that cabbage!


Art Tweets

Isn’t this cool?


What a great idea!

Human Rights Tweets

Another Iranian man supporting the call for women in his country to have a choice.


I’m not sure how much this will help, but it’s great to see their efforts getting some attention. The end of DACA is so unfair.


This is so sad.


Don’t try to tell me that there isn’t still a lot of sexism in the work place!

Entertainment Tweets

A collection of Star Trek face palms!
(Via Ann German.)

Weather Tweets

Good on her!
(Via Ann German.)


Messages for Irma.
(Via Ann German.)


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