My Picks for Top Tweets: 8 September 2017

Despite how it may seem from these daily posts, I don’t spend that much time looking at tweets, or on Twitter. There was a time when I did spend a lot of time there engaging with other users, but that’s not the case anymore. Mostly, I got sick of all the nastiness there.

I got very little attention from the bad ones personally. However, being an outspoken atheist means personal attacks are an occupational hazard. It doesn’t worry me when I get those attacks though. I’m confident in my opinions and don’t argue issues unless I’m sure of my facts.

After a couple of years I found Jerry Coyne’s site, Why Evolution is True (WEIT), which I know many of you also enjoy. It was like a breath of fresh air after the frequent hostility of Twitter as the commenters generally debate on the issues and don’t get personal. There are rules of conduct, and Jerry enforces them. As a result, it’s WEIT that’s my first port of call each morning. Now, I look at tweets, but rarely get into discussions.

WEIT is quite good at getting me going on certain subjects though, and that happened again this morning. Jerry’s post: ‘Examples of government-funded Islamic whitewashing in public schools‘ was the cause. I’ve got no problem with people pointing out the good things about their religion, as long as they’re honest about it. The PBS Access Islam module on ‘Women in Islam’ is anything but. Those of you who’ve read it will know exactly what I mean.

Anyway, knowing the effect it would have on me, Jerry sent me a link to a separate article about Feminism in Islam. So I’m all riled up! You’ll be seeing a post about that later today (or maybe tomorrow)!


Cat Tweets

Bing translation from Japanese: Floral tributes, not dead yet.


Bing translation: “Cat assortment.”


This isn’t a tweet, it’s from Facebook. Ann German sent it to me, but it’s so wonderful I had to include it!


She gave birth to all of these! The mind boggles!


This is genius! (I’m one of those grammar Nazis. If I see a sign outside a store with a misspelled sign, I can’t buy from it!)
(Via Ann German.)

Dog Tweets

Well, that’s a new way of taking the dog for a walk!


It’s a wonder he didn’t suffocate in there!

Other Animals Tweets

Another hedgehog rescue by the special people at SWCC.


The nut thief was fooled twice!


Tasmanian Devils, Beavers, and a Squirrel.

Political Tweets

It was inevitable – multiple state attorneys-general are going to court to try to stop DACA being rescinded. If I was sure of their case, I would have put this in the “Human Rights Tweets” section. That’s where it should be, but I don’t know enough about the legal basis of their claim. It seems to me that too many cases in the US are judged on a political rather than a legal basis.


I’ve written about Mike Pence in the past. In his own way, he’s just as bad as Trump. If Trump resigns or is impeached, this is who the US gets as president, and it’s not pretty.


The  best way to hit Trump where it hurts most!


This kid knows her stuff! InfoWars is, of course, the channel of Alex Jones.


Here’s one of the occasions where the brilliant John Oliver takes on Alex Jones to show you the kid is right on the money.

Human Rights Tweets

An Iranian man standing up for equality for the women in his country. This is the Bing translation from Persian:

It is a shame I go astadiumi that my family are the same behind closed lids at the stadium in تحقيرِ

Space Tweets

I wish this was more than just a GIF, but it’s cool anyway.

Scenic Tweets

Outside, Japan: Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!

Inside, Italy: Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!


Spain is another country full of things and places I’d love to experience.


Lovely spot.


Art Tweets

Everyone changes.

Architecture Tweets

These staircases should perhaps be in the above section!

Bizarre Tweets

Just what you always wanted …


Weather Tweets

Irma from space.


And more of Irma from space.


One more …

Whatever you think of their politics, all these men understand what it means to be presidential. Here, they’re doing just that.


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11 Responses to “My Picks for Top Tweets: 8 September 2017”

  1. rickflick says:

    Good show.
    Looking forward to your “all riled up” post. 😎

  2. Soo good Heather – so interesting

  3. Nearly eighty years ago, living on the other side of the world – in an Asian country but with a European upbringing – the first thing we were taught about America was: “This, children, is the country of unlimited possibilities”.
    Meant in the positive sense, it is still true. Later on however, I learned the dark side of that saying, and today I’m seeing Mike Pence as another sad example – joining his political Master making America great (?) again.

    • Yeah, it’s true, and still is, but for many USians there’s a sense of entitlement that goes with that. They believe they have the right to do things to and in other countries they would never accept themselves.

  4. Lee Knuth says:

    Know what you mean about Twitter. I only check with those I know. Thanks for including the Tweet about AG’s suing over DACA. Luckily we have Schneiderman as our AG in Ny.

  5. Mark R. says:

    I’ve been to Munich during a couple Oktoberfests. Both times I ended up visiting Munich’s famous Hofbräuhaus am Platzl. Those shoes would come in handy; it’s no joke. The floor is sticky and slippery with beer, there is sawdust all over soaking up vomit and the smells are downright disgusting. You have to be drunk to enjoy it I guess. I wasn’t drunk either time, but had a nice buzz. Either way, it’s fun to revel with those in wild abandon, and those Germans know how to party!

    Good on Schneiderman…and Trump hates his guts. Hip, hip hooray. Personally earning Trump’s ire is a badge of honor and usually means you’re doing good work.

    I don’t fear Pence because he’s really the bottom of the barrel politically (and personally for that matter). He’s one of the few running mates that would stoop low enough to yoke destinies with Trump. He would have lost his re-election bid for Indiana’s governor and he really has nothing to show in the way of meaningful political accomplishments. (And no, becoming Trump’s VP is not a meaningful accomplishment.) I doubt he’ll have anything to show as VP either, as the VP is pretty useless. His main job is sycophant to Trump; not a very endearing job to say the least. Historically, only 14 VPs have become president, and 8 of those were because of the sitting president’s death. Assuming that Trump is either disgraced or blunders along for 4-years, his approval ratings have little chance of ever hitting even 50%. They’ll probably hover in the 30’s. This does not bode well for any VP seeking to replace his boss; the wise VP wouldn’t try to run in this situation. Also, I think Trump’s base would look at Pence taking over Trump as tantamount to treason. He’s way too goody-two-shoes for Trump’s base of trolls. Either way, if not Pence there are always other horrible people to choose from: you got your dominionist Cruz, your Ayn Rand-henchman Ryan…perhaps Kasich is the only sane / main-stream republican on offer. Kasich is definitely the lesser of many republican evils…I’d take him over Pence or Trump in a heartbeat. That’s how sad American politics have become.

    I don’t know why my responses to your tweets get so damn long. I’ll start working on brevity. 🙂

    • No worries. I find it interesting to read what others think. I agree about Kasich (and other things you wrote too of course), though it seems a lot of Republicans find him far too reasonable. Compromise has become a dirty word in US politics, when really compromise is what it should be all about.

  6. Dennis says:

    “I wish this was more than just a GIF…”

    And here are a couple of other videos that may be of interest:

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