There are some tweets I’ve been leaving out of these posts over the last few days because I’m going to use them elsewhere. I want to mention them though. They’re tweets I was expecting, but their appearance disgusts me nevertheless.

They come from Donald Trump’s greatest supporters, the Evangelical Christians. They’re blaming the current disaster in Texas on same-sex marriage, abortion, LGBT rights, and other similar things. Hurricane Harvey is, they say, a judgement from God for allowing them to happen.

This reaction sickens me, and the mentality of such people is completely beyond me. This is the poison that is religion. If all religious people stuck to the happy-clappy side of things, where their faith inspired them to be kind and good, everything would be fine. However, that’s not the way it works. There are always people who go too far and the problem is, it’s the extremists that have the most scriptural support.

This happens whenever there’s some kind of disaster. There are always religious people who will find some innocent victim to blame and punish. Rosa Rubicondior has just written about another one (see Religion Tweets).

Religion Poisons Everything.


Cat Tweets

I think this is my new favourite tweet!


Awww …


We used to dress our kittens in dolls clothes when we were kids too.


What happened to its ears?


Petting kittens is very soothing.


They say he went to the vet – I think it looks more like he went to the Pet Sematary


On the importance of cats.


This is pretty special.

Dog Tweets

Bath required!


I used to go swimming at the beach with our golden Labrador as a teen and in my early twenties. This reminds me of that.

Other Animals Tweets

That’s something else none of you know about me. I used to ride horses up until about the age of sixteen.


Isn’t it gorgeous?


I love this pic! How could you not?

Political Tweets

This is what happens when your priority is reversing whatever Obama did …


And this is what happens when your priority is criticizing everything that Obama does, whether right or wrong …

Mexico was going to pay for the Wall – at least that’s what Trump’s sheep believed. It was never true. Now, because the ignorant base who don’t understand the best way to handle border security isn’t necessarily a wall have to be mollified, money is to be diverted from disaster relief!


Mike Pence isn’t much better than his boss. Remember, when Trump is impeached, this creep will be the replacement.

Update: Reader j.a.m notes Politifact gives tweet a “Pants on Fire” rating.


Jared Kushner’s mate is in trouble.


Something to think about.
(Via Ann German.)


Ha ha!

Economics Tweets

If you know nothing about economics and you only learn one thing, make it this: TRICKLE-DOWN ECONOMICS DOES NOT WORK.


Science Tweets

There are so many amazing machines making work better and safer.

Environment Tweets

I’m sure no one here needs convincing about this.


Nature is taking the area back.

Religion Tweets

It’s worth clicking though to this Rosa Rubicondior article – it’s about a 16th century Catholic Church in Malta. Its roof collapsed recently and LifeSiteNews, a conservative Christian website in the US, is blaming the legalization of same-sex marriage among other things.


Here’s a great response I got to the above tweet!

Scenic Tweets

This is pretty sad. There are so many places I would love to see on this list.


I bet you’ve never seen it like this before!


Just lovely.


Switzerland was made in anticipation of Twitter!

Fashion Tweets

This isn’t a section you’ll see very often, but I couldn’t resist this. To tell the truth, I suspect I might like Melania. I certainly feel sorry for her. I’m not sure if I wrote this before here or elsewhere, but I think she’s the person most sorry Trump won the election. Because of it, she has to stay married to him for at least another four years. I think she shows signs of partner abuse.
(Via Ann German.)


Entertainment Tweets

Selfies are not a new thing.


Another great from the same era …


The British showing their great taste in entertainment again – the Beatles, David Bowie and … NO FOX!

Art Tweets

I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I love it!!!


Just what you always wanted!

Human Rights Tweets

Another very brave woman in Iran.


Well said Sean Carroll.

I hope he’s treated fairly in prison and court. However, it’s rather ironic to see this piece of trash whining about being a “human being”. His efforts to dehumanize others, especially Blacks, Jews, and LGBT people are perhaps coming back to haunt him.

Weather Tweets

This is going to be a big part of the story when the recovery starts …


How can one man perform so many acts of a$$holery?


This is the man that Trump hates, and he’s doing his best to wipe out everything he did.


There is going to need to be a major de-brief after this disaster. There have obviously been big improvements since Katrina, but it’s also obvious they still have a lot to learn. I’m definitely no expert in the area of civil defence, but New Zealand is a world leader so you pick up stuff up and I can see a lot of mistakes. However, wherever you go, events like this bring out the best in most people; most people are good at their core.


Literature Tweets

There’s always a Shakespeare quote for the situation.


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