My Picks for Top Tweets: 3 September 2017

I’ve used a lot of  my own tweets again today. Every few days I go through the US political cartoons, most of which are together on one Facebook page. I then post the ones I like on Twitter, which can be up to thirty at a time. So, there are a lot more than those here, but I don’t want to put too much stuff about politics in my tweets posts.

I want the tweets posts to be mostly about the nicer things in life. More Yang than Yin. But, of course, you can’t have the Yang without the Yin, so there’s politics and religion too.

I love watching top tennis, but because of time zones, I don’t get to see very much. As I’m sure you know, the US Open is on at the moment and is live on TV – when I’m asleep. This amazing shot from Rafa Nadal blew me away when I saw it on the news though.



Cat Tweets

This is a bit how I feel today, but I’m not as cute. If I reacted like that, I wouldn’t get away with it!


I like the look of the bottom pic best …


That’s one smart cat! 🤩


And another one going for the smartest cat title!


Lots of character here …


Oh wow! 🙅


Dog Tweets

It took me a while to work this pic out!


I thought only cats did things like this!


It wags its tail all the way down!

Friends forever!


Political Tweets

The US needs a proper healthcare system that looks after everyone and isn’t tied to jobs. Step One: the real Repeal and Replace that they need.


Trump visits Texas …


Anonymous has it right here. What’s being done to the Rohingya people in Myanmar/Burma is just awful. It’s akin to what Hitler did to the Jews. It’s just that the smaller scale here means fewer notice.


Cats know how to deal with people. You have to treat them right.



Tax cuts for the wealthy do not help the economy.


It’s amazing how many still support him.


Entertainment Tweets

I had to put this in because Lorde is a Kiwi, and I love the song ‘Royals‘.


Religion Tweets

There are few bigger a$$ho£€$ than Joel Osteen.

Architecture Tweets

I love stained glass. That’s another thing that’s going to be a feature in my dream home in the unlikely event it ever becomes reality.


How’s this for a great spot to live? 🇳🇿

Scenic Tweets

Remember the Eiffel Tower pic from below looking up a few days ago? Now, here’s a view looking down on it from above.

Interesting Stuff Tweets

I don’t see any blue here, which rather disappoints me.


It’s hard on the eyes looking at this one.


Very cool.


Bad Decisions Tweets

No, I don’t think this is funny. I feel sorry for the poor bloke.


That’s gotta hurt.

Weather Tweets

There’s only one country in the world where those in power don’t accept the reality of climate change. Unfortunately, that country has a lot of power and is one of the bigger problems when it comes to the emissions that cause global warming.


I don’t know why this happened, but Texas needs that help. It worries me that some don’t see the scale of this disaster. It will take many years to recover.


🎶 When will they ever learn? 🎶


Trump has designated Sunday a day of prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


I said what I had to say in the tweet!


Mexico has found a reason for that wall …


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20 Responses to “My Picks for Top Tweets: 3 September 2017”

  1. j.a.m. says:

    – What most certainly does not help the economy is to divert resources from productive uses in the private sector, and hand them off to politicians and bureaucrats to play with and squander based on politics. Doing less of that would be a plus.

    – I’d suggest there’s no mystery to the solid support for the president’s administration: Excellent executive and judicial appointments; mostly (not entirely) the right policies and priorities to clean up the mess of the last eight dreadful years; renewed, unapologetic confidence; and on balance, a massive improvement over both the last administration and the dreary alternative vision that was on offer.

    – Re the “missing” troops: Somebody putting out a press release added up the numbers wrong. Nothing to do with boots in the water. There are about 24,000 National Guard troops, including the entire Texas National Guard; 1,638 active-duty service members; and 1,254 DoD civilian employees and contractors. Additional Guardsmen and service members can be called in if needed.

    – Actually, nothing fails like cynicism. A national time-out over the holiday weekend for a little reflection and solidarity can’t possibly hurt.

    • nicky says:

      Excellent appointments? Mr Tillerson destroying the State Department by sheer incompetence, only rivaled by Mr Trump’s own incompetence. Mr Pruitt gutting the EPA by sheer shortsightedness, if not intent. Betsy De Vos, who hasn’t a clue about education, etc,etc. Half the Housing and Urban Development Dept. posts not filled, not just bad appointments, but no appointments. In what universe are you living?

      • j.a.m. says:

        Tillerson and Pruitt are superb, and are doing what they were appointed to do.

        De Vos has bravely taken on deeply entrenched interests and an intractable problem set. The real solutions (including abolishing the department) are beyond her authority to accomplish. But so far she’s given every indication that she will be an effective advocate for some of the reforms that must come. And meanwhile she can clean up some of the more radical nonsense from the previous administration. I don’t know whether she was the strongest available choice, but her appointment indicated that Trump understands the issues and backs reform.

        And unless there’s something you’re not telling me, we live in the same universe.

        • Mark R. says:

          hahahahahahahaha… thanks for posting your hilarious delusions. How embarrassing for you, but how funny for those looking at the cult from the outside.

    • Ann German says:

      Actually, cynicism is surpassed by delusion, denial and out-right lying as causes of failure. Any comment which assumes “the last eight dreadful years” cannot be taken seriously.

      • Mark R. says:

        I have found that pretty much anything j.a.m. writes on Heather’s site “cannot be taken seriously”. But it does provide insight into the deluded mind.

      • j.a.m. says:

        Dreadful is not too strong a word: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Ukraine, Russia. Obamacare. More than twenty thousand new regulations, many of them purely ideological and anti-growth, for which you and I will pay $100 billion every year. Twice the national debt, now up to $60,000 for every American. Two-fifths of the federal bench packed with ideologues who recognize no check on their own power.

        Anyway, we agree to disagree. That’s not the same as delusion or denial, let alone lying.

        • There was no national debt when Clinton left office. It was GWB who created it, mostly because of the expensive and unnecessary war he embarked on in Iraq. You can’t blame Obama for that – he wasn’t a senator then. The deficit was reduced while Obama was president. The total kept increasing because of interest on Bush’s debt, and because although Obama reduced the deficit, he didn’t wipe it out completely. That would have been irresponsible in the economic conditions he faced when he came into office.

          The current good conditions are a result of change made during the Obama administration. There was a tweet about that a few days ago:

          • j.a.m. says:

            The only president to leave office with no national debt was Andrew Jackson in 1837. Luckily for Clinton, the GOP won control of Congress in 1994 on their pledge to check Clinton’s spending. Gingrich, Clinton and the GOP Congress gradually reduced the deficit over the rest of Clinton’s term. (Luckily for everyone, an exuberhant stock market, fed by the dot-com bubble, produced fat revenues during this time.)

            A similar scenario could have played out under Obama after the Republicans regained Congress in 2010. But Obama chose differently than Bill Clinton, and refused to go along with any semblance of spending reform. (He famously ignored his own Simpson-Bowles Commission.) Thanks to Republican efforts, the deficit did decline through fiscal 2015, only to increase again in the last two fiscal years of Obama’s term. But Obama’s stubborn ideologically-driven refusal to work the Republicans to control spending, as Bill Clinton had done, inevitably resulted in large deficits and a doubling of the debt over his term.

            The stock market is up 16% since election day. Going into election day, the market was up only 3% for the preceding 12 months, and only 2% for the 12 months before that. Independent of any other data, it is pretty inarguable that something happened on November 8, 2016 that significantly disrupted the established trend at that time. Investors are more optimistic; this is consistent with the results of recent business and consumer sentiment surveys, as well as the increase in labor participation. Time will tell if this confidence is warranted. But it shows that confidence is there for now, contrary to your views of the president.

            That fake news comedy clip is entertaining, but it doesn’t make any substantive points that would contradict the above. It notes that Congress hasn’t produced anything yet for tax reform, and that point is well taken.

  2. nicky says:

    – The strawberries indeed appear blueish if you see the yellow as shadows. It is probable the way cats and dogs -being dichromats- would see them, I guess.

    – I’m not really impressed by Lorde, most kids in the townships here do this on a regular basis. I mean, she’s good, but our urchins are at least as good.

    – On the Harvey disaster two points. We know how to avert -or at least mitigate- these catastrophes. But these measures were never implemented. However, we may blame the GOP for that, but not Mr Trump: his time in office is really too short for that. That being said, he does not appear the guy who would.
    I’m also not 100% sure climate change is to blame. I mean, we know these kind of storms will probably become more frequent, but even without climate change these things will inevitably happen, it is virtually impossible to ascribe one particular disaster on climate change.

    – The genocide of the Rohingya is a great Crime against Humanity. I have no clue what should/could be effectively done, but our respective govt’s silence comes close to complicity. Disheartening (and really very, very sad). Does that not merit a separate post? (No, I’m not telling you what you should post, but it appears right there in your alley, as it were).

    • Mark R. says:

      This or any hurricane can’t be blamed on climate change. What climate change can be blamed for is the intensity of hurricanes. Warmer oceans = more powerful hurricanes. Just as a drier/warmer climate intensifies wild fires. You can’t blame every wild fire on climate change, but you can blame the intensity/frequency of said fires on climate change.

      • That’s what the video from Now This says – it’s the intensity that climate change can be blamed for, and also that there is more rain in the hurricanes. There isn’t enough data over a long enough period of time to conclude whether or not climate change can be blamed for increasing frequency. (That’s how I understand it anyway. I’m no scientist.)

      • nicky says:

        Yes, that is true, but not my point. My point was that even without global warming very ‘intense’ hurricanes are bound to happen sooner or later. We cannot -or it is at least extremely difficult to- attribute the intensity of a particular hurricane on climate change. We can only say they are projected to become more frequent.

  3. Lee Knuth says:

    Another post with an interesting array of tweets. As usual I found a few new ones to check out. The situation with the Rohingya is very troubling. Most people in the US are completely unaware of this impending tragedy. To most Buddhists are considered peaceable, not instigators of repression.

    • There’s going to be another tweet today about the Rohingya, and there was actually a reasonably lengthy on location story about them on our 6 o’clock news last night (3 Sep). I can’t remember where the clip came from, but it was GB or US.

      Myanmar has a pretty brutal anti-blasphemy law which a NZer has gone to prison over. They were very un-cool about an image of Buddha in headphones he posted on the Facebook page of the bar he managed, even though it was only up for an hour. At his sentencing there were dozens of Buddhist monks sitting outside the courthouse who were apparently a message to the judge to be sufficiently harsh. He got the maximum sentence (2 years hard labour) in the country’s notoriously toughest prison even though he had a clean record, was unaware of the law, and took the image down as soon as he was told it was a problem.

      • nicky says:

        I would nevertheless prefer a ‘Buddhist theocracy’ over an Islamic one.
        Note that Judge Dee (from the incomprehensibly underestimated author Robert van Gulik) was scathing about Buddhism, and Buddhist priests in particular. They are generally painted as lying and cheating scoundrels, not unlike the priests in Boccacio. As a staunch Confucianist, Dee was bound to have a ‘mixed feelings’ about Buddhists, of course.

  4. Mark R. says:

    I love that dog on the slide…how adorable.

    A government that actually thinks prayer can help with anything (let alone a disaster like Harvey) is a failed government; or at the very least a government that lacks any form of ambition or imagination. That’s the government I’m living in at the moment. sigh…

  5. nicky says:

    There is a whole program on the ‘hold my beer’ exploits. “The Science of Stupid” tries to explain by simple Newtonian laws why these kind of actions are, well, stupid.

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