Well, rugby is trending in the Twitterverse in New Zealand for two reasons. One lot of tweets is because the All Blacks won again last night! We beat Australia 35-29, so the whole of New Zealand is in a good mood. That also means we retain the Bledisloe Cup for another year. We play two tests against Australia each year, and this year we won both, so the cup’s still ours.

Even better, in the early hours of the morning our time, our women’s rugby team, the Black Ferns, got the world championship back! Four years ago England took it off us when they won the last world cup. We met England in the final again this year, and we’re back on top!

So little old New Zealand is world champions in both men’s and women’s rugby, as well as 7s rugby (men’s seven-a-side).



This short video was made following the Black Ferns semi-final win against the USA, which gave them their place in the final against England.

Cat Tweets

This is from a couple of days ago, but I’ve only just found it, and I think you’ll agree it deserves inclusion!

We all have that feeling sometimes!


They’re beautiful, but their eyes are just a little bit creepy!


Another bundle of sweetness.


Great prelude to the dog tweets!


Dog Tweets

That’s a big jump for a little dog! I think he’s very brave.




It’s a dog’s life! 🙂


Bird Tweets

All fluffed up with one foot buried in its feathers to try and keep warm …


Methinks there’s a lot of dinosaur left in the condor.


Other Animals Tweets

There’s something about baby elephants …
(Via Ann German.)


More cuteness …


Insect Tweets

Close-ups of insects and other creepy-crawlies often reveal stunning beauty.


Just amazing.


Fossil Tweets

I must make the effort to find more of these!


No comment necessary!


Political Tweets



Science Tweets

I love seeing visual explanations like this. I think they’re a great way to get kids interested too.


Scenic Tweets

I have to keep reminding myself that there’s beauty in the US too. The ugliness that comes from the White House tends to obscure that.


This is just gorgeous. You could look at this for hours and still see new things. Thinking of the work and skill that’s gone into it blows the mind. I know they don’t speak French in Austria, but the word “incroyable” always sounds right to me for places like this.


Wherever you go in Italy there’s something lovely to see.


There are so many amazing and unexpected things in India.


It’s great what can be done when you have a lot of people, a lot of imagination, and not much land that can be built on. It doesn’t have to be endless ugly high-rises.

History Tweets

I wouldn’t want to fall on that floor!


Look at the woman’s specs!

Literary Tweets

Looks like things haven’t change much since Shakespeare’s day …


This is cool!
(Via Ann German)


Weather Tweets

A good visual explanation of hurricanes.
(Via Ann German.)


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