My Picks for Top Tweets: 25 August 2017

I’ve had enough of the Twitter icon being the main image of every tweets post. So, I’m going to make the effort to copy a picture from one of the day’s tweets or comment from now on. Hopefully it’ll liven things up a bit. Today’s pic is Coronet Peak, one of New Zealand’s top ski fields, where the fifth Winter Games start today.

The Winter Games is a four-yearly competition held the year before the Winter Olympics. Top athletes compete from all around the world. As well as competing many are looking for points to get into their country’s Olympic team. Being in the southern hemisphere also gives the athletes a chance to extend their season too. Around 900 are due to compete this year on the South Island’s Coronet Peak near the towns of Queenstown, Wanaka, and Naseby.


It also gives me the chance to post this video by Dawid Gajdosz, made on a three week trip around the South Island last year. The locations in the video are Fjordland National Park, Mount Cook, Arthurs Pass, Christchurch, Wanaka, Queenstown, and Franz Josef Glacier. You can see details of the filming equipment etc here.



And now, on with the show!


Cat Tweets

Their characters stay the same …


Dog Tweets

Isn’t it gorgeous!


Clever dog!


Whoever owns this dog, I think I like them …


It’s Friday here already, so it’s the right time for this tweet.


Bird Tweets

Just lovely.

Other Animals Tweets

The hedgehog came back!


How’s this for cute – a hedgehog and her hoglets!

This fortnightly post is always a treat!


Is that polar bear cub doing the macarena?


Marine Tweets

Another marine creature I’ve never heard of …


Entertainment Tweets

I remember this! It was so cool!


Scenic Tweets

This looks cool.




And we can’t have Australia and not New Zealand, so here goes …


Political Tweets

This kind of discussion is set to become more frequent in the weeks and months ahead.


No, I’m not advocating assassination!!! However, it did make me laugh …


If you’re a USian, I recommend you follow this account …


I don’t know whether to take this idiot seriously, but it’s scary all the same …


Religion Tweets

I’ve heard this sentiment often – I’ve even said it myself. But, it’s the first time I’ve seen it done with a pic.
(Via Ann German.)


History Tweets

Just one of the millions of reasons to make sure Nazis and people like them never get a foothold in society again.


A doctor suggested to my grandmother that she take up smoking in the 1940s. He thought it would help her relax. She was giving birth every 18 months or so until she had seven children. She was looking after two other children and feeding all the farm workers too. My grandfather was too old to go to war but as well as his own farm he was looking after the farms of his two brothers-in-law. And there was no petrol.


Everyone who was old enough remembers July 1969. I was only five years old, but I remember it.


Eclipse Tweets

The eclipse tweets keep on coming!
(Via Ann German.)


Art Tweets

And I’ve left the best one for last. This guy is amazing. I wish the video was longer as I could keep watching for ages.



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8 Responses to “My Picks for Top Tweets: 25 August 2017”

  1. Lee Knuth says:

    New Zealand really has spectacular scenery.. Through your tweets I have found new ones to follow. Thanks.

  2. Mark R. says:

    That ring juggler illusionist was something else.

    Re. the HUD tweet. I will say that I’m glad my region (Washington state) doesn’t have one of Trump’s/Carson’s cronies; I’m fine with the vacancy. Now if there was someone competent in the position I’d welcome it. Unfortunately, the word “competency” doesn’t exist in this administration’s vocabulary.

    The dog with the sign reminded me of a funny story years ago. I was in Seattle’s university district when this hippy who looked like the typical westernized Jesus was passing out leaflets or tracts. As an atheist I just said, “no thanks, not interested”. But he had a glint in his eye and nudged the leaflet closer, saying: “I think you’ll like it”. So I begrudgingly took it and started walking away. The cover of the leaflet had a haloed Jesus with opened arms, the caption read: “Jesus wants you”. I opened up the leaflet and inside were the words: “To Fuck Off”. I LOL’d and looked back at the Jesus impersonator. He was smiling, looking right at me, I gave him the thumbs up and continued on my way.

  3. Frank says:

    This site does not, to the best of my knowledge, provide a means to unsubscribe. This is inconvenient and a bit presumptuous. There are many legitimate reasons for wanting to unsubscribe, such as travel or just wanting to manage one’s emails. If you read this, please unsubscribe me. Thank you.

  4. Frank Troy says:

    After extensive searching, I’ve concluded that your site does not provide a means to unsubscribe. If you read this, please inform me how I can unsubscribe for simple reasons such as travel and wanting to unclutter my email.

  5. nicky says:

    Re Kay’s tweet.
    It is not that I want to defend Christians here, but the NT scriptures are relatively ‘peaceful’ , the Kingdom is not really of this world. The Islamic Trilogy is very predominantly not peaceful (eg. they devote a greater percentage of text to Jew-hatred than Mein Kampf), and very much of this world.
    That being said, it could be argued that Christianity has not so much to do with the NT scriptures, but more with the 4th Century X-ian religion, when Christianity became the Roman State religion, and very much not peaceful. In the latter view, the top photo is not that unrepresentative 🙂

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