It’s time to stop counting the days and try and come up with a more imaginative way to start a post on best tweets. (See what I did there! πŸ˜€ )

It’s a magnificent day in my part of New Zealand! It feels like it’s been raining for weeks, which is probably because it has. Today though, I woke up to clear blue skies, warmth, and sunshine. It’s lovely!

The sad news in this part of the world is that rugby great Sir Colin Meads died yesterday morning in his hometown of Te Kuiti. That’s just north of here, and the two towns are in the same region for rugby (King Country). He was named player of the century in 1999. His playing days were mostly in the 1960s, so I don’t remember him playing very well. I met him in the mid-1980s and he was very charming. I was working for a newspaper at the time, and he giving his time in support of IHC. He did a lot of selfless work for the charity over the years.


Cat Tweets

Enough said.

Not sure what to say to this.


He actually tries to herd cats!!!


Just like mum!


Eclipse Tweets

I’m pretty jealous of all those in the US getting to see an eclipse. The next one in New Zealand isn’t until 2038! Here’s Lawrence Krauss all ready for the show with a couple of friends.

Pick your spot well!


Bird Tweets

How cool is this?


Another use for bacon …

Insect Tweets

Are butterflies insects? Someone can correct me if they’re not. I even have trouble remembering that spiders aren’t insects. It’s all science to me!


Oh wow!!!

Is it eating those red things or is it’s mouth just like that?


Many insects look to me like they could be intelligent creatures from another planet if they were bigger.


Great mimicry!


Reptile Tweets

Polka dots!


Other Apes Tweets

Isn’t it luverly!


Scenic Tweets

Wouldn’t this be great?!


Picture postcard village in Austria.

There are so many beautiful places on our planet.


Stunning photography.


This is another place on my bucket list.


Lovely to see New Zealand make it onto Life on Earth!


Pool Tweets

Believe it or not, pool tweets are a thing. I might look at them more often in future as my dream house has to have a dream pool!


Marine Tweets



More amazing photography!


I don’t know anything about nudibranches, but I really like them. (Is that the correct plural?)


Religion Tweets

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


This could also have gone in the Healthcare or Political section – unfortunately they all seem to be the same sometimes in the US. But, I had a religion section already so …


Political Tweets

And it was a cool movie too!



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