Fifteen days of top tweets and counting. There are a lot of tweets from the Life on Earth account today, as it’s one that I enjoy very much. Often when I go there I end up stuck there for some time! You can see why below.

The All Blacks beat the Wallabies (Australia) in a rugby test last night hence the indulgent featured image. It was a great game. The only problem was that is was in Sydney, so I was up until after midnight. I’m really not up to that anymore, even when it involves just sitting in front of the TV! I don’t have a TV in the bedroom, though I’m not sure that would make much difference. It’s making my typing very slow today because I spend so much time going backwards to fix typos!

I also couldn’t resist putting in some rugby tweets. Did I mention is was a great game? πŸ˜€

Sports Tweets

There’s been a big scandal in Aussie politics in the last week with the discovery that their deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce holds NZ citizenship, making him ineligible for parliament. That’s happened to several MPs in Aussie opposition parties recently, and all have resigned or temporarily stood down (to sort out dual citizenship issues) but when it’s a government MP and they have a razor-thin majority, it’s a different story. That’s him in the centre of this picture playing rugby.


He didn’t make the team though! πŸ˜€


And one of the tries. I won’t put them all in – we scored eight, which is a lot for those who don’t know about rugby, especially against a top side like Australia.


New Zealand is happy today!


Cat Tweets

Cat fight!


Poor kitty … πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™


What a lovely cat!


Dog Tweets

This dog is letting the side down!


This is the sort of thing that gives you back your faith in humanity …


I love the look of that house too …

Awww …


Oh wow!

Other Animals Tweets

Come on Mum!


Inter-species friendships are always heart-warming.


Great pic! I didn’t know that about squirrels either.


The reader who calls herself “Jenny Hanvier” mentioned this one in the comments yesterday, and I said I’d post it in today’s post. It’s the pinned tweet on the Life on Earth account.


Marine Tweets

You have to admit, it is pretty funny looking …


Very cool indeed!


Architecture Tweets

I would assume turf roofs are great insulation, which would be important in Iceland!


Scenic Tweets

I thought it was Machu Pichu at first glance, but it’s half a world away in Turkey …


Imagine building this! To be honest, I can’t really. Even today it would be incredibly difficult.


Okay, now there’s another place I want to go!


I like the look of this place …


Mexico’s Pink Lagoon. I didn’t know about this until today. Now I want to go there too.




Here we go again, adding to my bucket list. We have lots of lovely hot springs in New Zealand, but they, of course, don’t seem exotic to me. I love them, and swim in them when I can, but the grass is always greener etc.


I believe this is somewhere in California? I have Calla Lilies in my garden, but it doesn’t look like this!


Venice is already on the bucket list, but this makes me want to go there all the more …

Science Tweets

Science does it again. Don’t pray for water, ask a scientist for help.


Political Tweets

Not who I’d take a picture with, but then I’m not a Republican politician. And I don’t care if some of you like him – Julian Assange is an a$$hole.


Jeremy Corbyn’s regressive leftism are going to destroy him if he isn’t careful. It’s doing things like this that make it unlikely he’ll ever be prime minister.


Economics Tweets




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